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Creating Healthy Habits in Our Kids
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Creating Healthy Habits in Our Kids

There are so many wonderful benefits that come along with adopting a healthy lifestyle and following Beyond Diet, and I am grateful for all of them.

One amazing benefit is that I am able to teach my young children how to eat healthy, nutritious food. My two boys eat the same food as we eat on Beyond Diet, and since they have spent their entire (short!) lives doing this, this is the only way of eating that they know.

Kids Using Spiralizer

We have all heard the heartbreaking statistics about childhood obesity.

Obesity rates among children have tripled in the past 30 years, and according to some experts, today's overweight children may not outlive their parents. We MUST make a change, and we must make that change NOW.

How to Introduce Healthy Eating to Children

  1. By far, the most effective way to teach your children how to eat well is to model the behavior yourself. You can lecture, counsel, teach, or beg your kids to eat right, but if you aren't "practicing what you preach," I would bet that they won't change their unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits.
  2. I came across this tip the other day, and I wanted to share it with you. We've all heard of reverse psychology, right? Well, try using that with your kids! Tell them that you need help making the right food choices and staying active. Your kids get to feel like they are in charge and "teaching" you, and everybody will benefit!
  3. Along with being a good role model, remember to keep things positive! Kids respond so much better to praise than they do to criticism. Positive reinforcement is great, but bribing your kids with food? Bad idea. Just like I teach you not to use food as a reward for yourself, don't use the promise of treats to prod your kids to do things. I guarantee that you can come up with some pretty cool non-food rewards that will be motivating to your kids, whatever the task at hand.
  4. Many of us grew up with our parents commanding us to "clean our plates" before we could leave the table. Unfortunately, that is not the best way to teach our kids to listen to their internal hunger cues and gauge how they feel after eating certain foods. Since kids are constantly growing and changing, their tastes and appetites change often as well. So be sure to encourage them to listen to what their stomach is telling them.
  5. I know this may sound really obvious, but if you don't want your kids eating junk food then don't keep junk food in the house! If the food isn't there, the kids can't eat it. Again, this tip benefits the entire family. It is so much easier to avoid unhealthy food if it simply isn't an option!
  6. As my boys are getting a little bit older, I've found that a great way to teach them healthy habits is to include them in everything from cooking meals to reading nutrition labels to grocery shopping. I know that I am doing a great job in this department, because I heard my son say the other day, "If you can't read the ingredients, don't eat it." I love that!

Gardening With Kids

Some kids can be very picky eaters, so don't get discouraged if your son or daughter doesn't immediately take to new foods. Don't give up! Try cooking the food different ways or experimenting with the presentation.

Many children spend way too much time inside watching TV, playing video games, or playing on their computers. Since you are the parent, you get to make the rules! Limit TV or computer time each day, and incorporate an active lifestyle your whole family can take part in. That could be as simple as taking a family walk after dinner or taking family bike rides on the weekend!

Encourage your kids to play sports, try a dance or gymnastic class, or even just shoot hoops. The trick (as it is with adults!) is to help your kids find activities they really enjoy doing so they are more likely to stick with them.

Remember, it's never too late to change habits - our kids' or our own! So if you want to already make positive, lasting changes in your health and your family's health, and keep off the unwanted pesky fat, there's no better time to start than now. Get completely done-for-you meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, exclusive cooking videos, insider tips & tricks, and the latest health news right now with LiveSmart or follow link below.