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Choosing a Protein Powder: Isabel's 5 Step Approval Process
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Choosing a Protein Powder: Isabel's 5 Step Approval Process

In the nutrition and health world, there will always be new products that come out on the market. I always do my best to give everything a "fair chance" and below I've described the process I go through when choosing supplements to use personally and to share with you.

Isabel's 5 step supplement approval process:

  1. Know the ingredients. Does it contain any of the following?:

  2. caution sign
    • • Artificial sweeteners
    • • Vegetable oil
    • • Processed sugar
    • • Agave syrup
    • • Processed grains
    • • Soy

    If the answer is YES, I immediately say "NO, thank you." 9 times out of 10 (yes, that many times) health food products I am sent contain one of these and I quickly tell the company owners that it is not something I would ever ingest personally.

  3. The owner/creator of the product MUST be willing to get on the phone with me to have a thorough discussion about the product. I always ask where the ingredients are sourced, what the manufacturing process is like, and who exactly is involved in the production of the product. If the owner is not willing to discuss these critical components with me, I do not try it nor would I recommend it.

  4. Once I feel comfortable with what I have read and discussed with the creator, I use the product myself for a minimum of 30 days before sharing it with my readers and clients. During the "test" process I evaluate how the product makes me feel immediately after using it (gas, bloating, energy) and what its long term effects are (decreased body fat, weight loss, weight gain, etc.).

  5. If I am happy with the product and find myself using it regularly, I contact the owners again and ask for a discounted rate for my readers.

  6. I share all great stuff with you so you can decide whether or not it is a product that fits into your lifestyle and your healthy eating plan.

Frequently asked questions about Spring of Life Plant-Based Protein Powder:

Here are a few answers to questions I've received about my #1 recommended protein powder:

What are the ingredients in Spring of Life Plant-Based Protein Powder, Vanilla?

There are minimal, natural ingredients:

  • •Pea protein isolate
  • •Rice protein isolate
  • •Natural vanilla flavor
  • •Gum blend (for consistency)
  • •Salt
  • •Natural flavor
  • •Stevia

gmo free

In addition, Spring of Life's chocolate protein powder contains red russet cocoa and natural chocolate (both Isabel approved!). It's also GMO-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free.

Spring of Life Plant-Based Protein Powder contains "natural vanilla flavor"... what exactly does that mean?

The natural vanilla flavor is sourced from real vanilla bean - and that's it! It contains absolutely no artificial flavors, no artificial sweeteners, and no artificial colors.

How do I measure one serving of Spring of Life Plant-Based Protein Powder?

One serving is one scoop of protein powder, and the scoop is included with the product. Take one scoop with 8-10oz water or mix with any smoothie, oatmeal, pudding, or ice cream recipe, and more!

How many grams of protein are in one scoop?

There are 21 grams of protein in both the chocolate and vanilla flavors of Spring of Life Plant-Based Protein Powder options.

Is it vegan? I'm sensitive to dairy (or choose not to eat it)

Yes, this particular brand of protein powder is vegan. Its protein sources include rice protein and pea protein only.

Do I have to use protein powder to lose weight?


Whole foods will always be my #1 recommendation and you can get all of the nutrients you need by using the foods I recommend to you in Beyond Diet. Having a protein powder that you like on hand may give you a few more quick and easy meal options when time is an issue, but it is not necessary by any means.

Here are a few ways I like to use to Spring of Life Plant-Based Protein Powder

  • •Add 1 scoop of vanilla or chocolate protein powder in my morning oatmeal.
  • •Mix 1 scoop of chocolate protein powder with 8oz water and 1 tablespoon of chia seeds for an easy snack.
  • •If you are someone who enjoys smoothies, 1 scoop is a great addition to any healthy smoothie recipe.

    Vanilla Berry Protein Smoothie





  • • Freeze a blend of some of your favorite fruits and 1 scoop of protein powder to have protein-packed popsicles (and they are great for kids too!).

Hopefully now you have a better idea of what to look for when choosing protein powder and how EASY it can be to include in delicious snacks and meals!

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Cdj Spies
Best protein whey powder Best
Linda Hecker
Since we can no longer purchase the Spring of Life brand protein powder, does anyone have a recommendation?
Jennifer Crawford
Is spring of life protein powder and vitamins not available any longer? I can't find it on Amazon and I can't seem to find the link to order them on this site.
Lynn Adams
Does spring of life come in both plant based and whey or plant only?
Beth Collins
Would 1 scoop of SOL protein powder be considered 1 protein in the meal count?
Kathleen Mathers
What plant based protein does not have stevia. I don’t like stevia.
Linda Jewell
How many calories in a scoop of Spring of Life protein?
CJ Longenecker
My husband really dislikes the Spring of Life powder is it still OK to use Bio Trust or what about Bob's Red Mill?
CJ Longenecker
My husband really dislikes the Spring of Life powder is it still OK to use Bio Trust or what about Bob's Red Mill?
Coach Chrissy

Tina - I don't know the exact product you're referring to, but I took a look at some of their products and it looks like it contains fructose, maltodextrin, and a ton of other ingredients. If you want to finish it that's fine, but I would try a different protein powder once you're done.

Coach Chrissy
Lee-ann - Almond milk would be perfectly fine to use. It looks like At Last contains sucralose and that's something we recommend staying away from.
Tina Byrne
I had some Isagenix Protien powder that I had left, I bought some from from the health shop n it wasn't cheap either, comparing it to the ISAGENIX it's not as good, tastes chalky n leave a nauseas taste in my throat. Do you think It's ok if I can go on use up my ISAGENIX Protien powder . It's got 24grams of Protien per serve.Can you help Coach Chrissy pls?
Lee-ann Muir
for the smoothies can you use At Last, zero carb whey protein shake mix. Can water replace the almond milk?
Coach Chrissy
Becky - I wouldn't recommend either one of them. It looks like they both contain soy and Unicifity even contains fructose, canola oil, and maltodextrin which are all big no-no's.
Coach Chrissy
Cheryl - All protein denatures when it is heated and your body denatures protein through normal digestion. This does not eliminate the nutrients or mean that the food has no value.
Coach Chrissy
Mel - Orgain isn't going to be one of our top choices. It contains a few gums (which can cause upset stomach), natural flavors (which you would need to contact them about to see what they actually are, and erythritol isn't our favorite sweetener.
Have you heard of herbalife? Can I use it? What about Unicity?
Cheryl Anderson
I always thought tempature stability was an issue with protein powder (heating in oatmeal & freezing in popsicle). Is that not the case?
Chrissy How is Orgain Organic protein powder
Coach Chrissy
Rushina - I took a look at the chocolate Vega powder and it looks ok. The one ingredient I would question is the natural flavor. Sometimes companies will tell you what those are if you contact them.
Rushina Patel
How is Vega protein powder?
Coach Chrissy
Hi Evelyn! Isabel received the opportunity to have a hands on approach helping to develop the Spring of Life protein powder. We aren't saying that BioTrust's powder is "bad", but Isabel always wants to give her members the best and highest quality products and Spring of Life gave her the opportunity to help develop a protein powder that really lines up with everything she believes in. Some people, including herself, have stomach issues from whey protein (which is what BioTrust uses). This new powder is made from pea and rice protein which means even vegans/vegetarians can use it!
Evelyn Smirnos
Hi Isabel; You used to promote Biotrust's protein powder, have you changed your mind? Just wanted to know as I still have some of their protein powder and want to order additional products.
Jenny Binder
Hi Isabel I find a lot of protein powders to taste chalky