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ONE simple, everyday thing you can do RIGHT NOW to burn fat

Such a simple recommendation, yet so many people have a hard time implementing it. It’s easier than exercising. Easier than cooking healthy meals and definitely easier than most tasks on your daily, overwhelming to-do list. What is this simple, yet highly effective task you can start doing right now to accelerate your fat burning efforts? Drinking more water (yup, take a sip right now). I know, I know. You wanted me to tell you something magical, something more fun, or something that could potentially make groundbreaking news. But the truth is, this simple tip is one of your best strategies for accelerated weight loss. Let’s take a quick look at

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7 days is all you need

Almost every day, my children teach me something valuable. Read below as I share how you can implement the same strategy I used with my son’s morning routine to reach your own weight loss goals. Morning routines can be a challenge for anyone. But recently, my husband and I were really being challenged by our oldest, Christian, who was just being “resistant” to getting dressed and out the door to school on time. Christian would be perfectly happy all morning long, and very much looking forward to going to school, but once we told him it was time to get dressed he would melt down. I didn’t quite understand it

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Eat this ONE food and live a better life!

Raw organic apple cider vinegar (the only apple cider vinegar you should be consuming) is made by fermenting apples in a wooden barrel. It’s not the clear vinegar you may see in your grocery store simply labeled “Apple Cider Vinegar.” The right kind has a brownish tinge to it and floating “stuff” inside. The floating “stuff” is called “mother” and is formed from the pectin and apple residue. Always make sure you buy Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother.   Why should you include ACV in your diet? • ACV helps with weight loss. It contains enzymes that help your body get rid of all the toxins you may have ingested, breaks

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Breaking out of the weight loss prison

You may know a lot about me, but you may not know this…I am a people watcher. I observe, analyze and pay close attention to people around me no matter where I am. Now before you think me to be a creepy weirdo, let me explain… I have always had a deep love for helping people, especially people who are imprisoned by their weight. “Imprisoned” may seem like a harsh word to use, but I find that is the reality for so many people. I have seen people NOT do the things they love and want to do in their lives because of the extra weight on their bodies and

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World Famous (Paleo) Fudgy Brownies

I recently met Real Healthy Recipes chef Diana Keuilian and was amazed at her talent for coming up with truly healthy recipes that I would not only feed my family (even with MY high standards)… but that my husband and kids would LOVE (even with THEIR high standards)! She has created 110 family friendly fat burning recipes and a complete eight-week menu for you and your family that are easy to prepare, and they’re all picky-eater approved! Best of all, she’s put her new recipe book and menu on sale for my friends and subscribers – and you can get all of her great recipes right inside of Beyond Diet (no need

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