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Read This Before You Start Taking Omega-3s
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Read This Before You Start Taking Omega-3s

There are a handful of supplements I feel extremely passionate about and feel are critical to your health and the success of your weight loss efforts. You've heard me talk about a lot of these supplements in the past, especially one of my absolute favorites...Omega-3s.

I could go on and on about the long list of benefits that come from taking a high quality Omega-3 supplement — accelerated weight loss, increased energy, lowered risk of heart disease and decreased risk for diabetes (just to name a few) — but today I want to answer some important questions that you, our wonderful Beyond Diet members, have asked about Omega-3 supplements.

In no particular order...

"Isabel, which fish oil do you take every day?"

One of the first things I do when testing out a new fish oil is open the bottle and take a big whiff. If it smells very fishy, it’s an automatic NO.

Fishy Smell

Unfortunately, in my experience with certain Omega-3 products, if it smells fishy, I will most likely experience fishy burps. All of the Omega-3s that I have recommended in the past or currently recommend do NOT cause these "fishy burps." It’s just too difficult to get through my day burping up fish, no matter how much I know it’s good for me.

Fishy burps are also an indication of the quality of the supplement. So if your current bottle stinks like fish, I would say that may be a first sign that it’s not the best quality available.

Next, if the fish oil passes the sniff test, I start writing down any current issues I may have — low energy, dry skin, bloating — whatever I think has been a challenge to me (and, yes, nutritionists still have challenges that come up) and then I take note of what has truly changed for me after taking that particular fish oil brand for 1 month.

After many months of testing many different products, Spring of Life Premium Omega 3 is my choice to take every day. It's one of the most respected brands in the industry, a supplement manufacturer of the highest integrity, and a company that I've worked closely with for many years to develop other premium supplements, including Daily Energy.

In short, it's one of the few supplement manufacturers that is 100% committed to producing the safest, most potent, and freshest Omega-3 supplement.

"Why THIS fish oil and not one from my local health food store?"

The average, run-of-the-mill fish oil you buy at the store — even health and vitamin stores — typically contains only 500mg of Omega-3s per serving. Meaning, if you want to stop inflammation in its tracks, lose weight, and ward off disease, you'd have to eat an entire handful with every meal. What's more, oftentimes these fish oils are loaded with fillers that actually promote inflammation. To get the results and health benefits you're after, you want high-potency Omega-3s with at least 1000mg per serving and absolutely no fillers.

The fish used in Spring of Life Premium Omega 3 comes from the deepest, darkest, coldest waters. The ocean is becoming more contaminated and polluted. So it goes without saying that the depths of the ocean, far from the surface, is where you find the healthiest fish.

You'd be amazed how many seemingly reputable fish oil manufacturers get their fish from shallow, easy-to-reach, possibly contaminated sources in an effort to maximize their profits. Sure, those fish oils may save you a few bucks a month, but it's at the expense of your health — and it's definitely NOT worth it.

And lastly, a lot of the second-rate fish oils are what's considered "ethyl ester." In other words, their molecular structure has been altered by high temperatures in their manufacturing process and they are no longer in the right form to be absorbed by your body. The only form worth taking is called Natural Triglyceride form — it is 300% more bioavailable (absorbable) than ethyl ester and other inferior varieties.

Now I'm sure you can understand why it's so crucial to find the purest, most absorbable, freshest, most potent sources of fish oil available.

"Why did you choose Spring of Life Premium Omega 3 for you and your family to use every day?"


Isabel with Fish Oil

Here are just a few of the reasons I choose this particular Omega-3 supplement:

  • Yellow CheckmarkIt gives me all-day energy and boosts my immunity;
  • Yellow CheckmarkIt's proven to prevent and reverse diseases associated with chronic inflammation;
  • Yellow CheckmarkIt's good for brain health (improved memory and stabilized mood);
  • Yellow CheckmarkIt eliminates joint pain and prevents premature aging; and
  • Yellow CheckmarkTaking just one high-potency capsule with every meal, it's the perfect way to lose a few extra pounds.

I stand behind everything I recommend and it is always something that I have personally taken and tested myself. With that being said, I feel it is my responsibility as a health professional to consistently stay on top of the latest research and always report to you the very best information that becomes available.

And please remember, I never make a recommendation to you that I do not do myself every single day. The care I take in finding supplements and products that will help to advance your health is the same care I take in choosing supplements and products for my children and husband!

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