Do You Know Your WHY?
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Do You Know Your WHY?

Some days when I’m looking through my Facebook feed, Instagram pictures, or just doing my regular research on the internet, I am faced with the burning question in my brain:

With all of the diet programs available, why are SO MANY people still struggling with their weight and their health?

I’m not the first person to ask this question and I sure won’t be the last, but upon asking this simple question to some family and friends here are just a few responses I received…

    • It’s too hard to make myself a priority with all the other things I do each day.
    • Healthy food takes more time to make and I’m already so busy.
    • My kids don’t like healthy food.
    • I always fall into peer pressure.

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Making a change in something as huge as your eating habits can be hard so I’m sure that you could add some more reasons to the list above.

But what if you HAVE to make these changes? Like, if you don’t, it could potentially turn into a life-and-death situation?

Well this was the exact situation my sister found herself in several years back…

You see, my dear sister Vicky has always struggled with her weight. I can still remember now, 30 years later, hearing the neighborhood kids make fun of her, calling her fat and lazy. She was only 8 years old at the time, but situations like that leave permanent scars that are hard to erase.

Fast forward to high school and the situation just continued to get painfully worse. Not only was she tipping the scales at over 200 pounds, the lack of self-confidence and self-esteem were affecting every area of her life.

She isolated herself from other people and she stopped putting any effort into her grades or school work. She thought…

What’s the point? So many people are telling me I’m worthless so it must be true, right?

Fast forward even more and she married a man that was just as heavy as she was. Together, they were each approaching 300 pounds and they were a tag team in their destructive eating behavior.

Vicky was able to get pregnant, but as you can imagine, it was a very difficult pregnancy. She developed gestational diabetes that reached dangerous levels and required her to wear an insulin pump and be bed-ridden for the last 3 months of her pregnancy.

Thankfully, my nephew recovered from the damage to his blood sugar levels, but Vicky’s health just continued to deteriorate.

Then IT happened.

The day she realized her life was not all about her anymore. For some parents it happens immediately, but for others it takes just a little bit more time. For Vicky, it came when Alex was about 3 years old.

After a visit to the pediatrician, they determined that Alex was dramatically underweight. Vicky explained to the doctor that Alex refused to eat and this was a constant battle with him. Some days he would eat a spoonful of yogurt and refuse anything else the rest of the day.

On many occasions it brought Vicky to tears, and me as well. Then the pediatrician asked her that painful question. The one that was so heart wrenching to hear, but ended up saving her life…

“Vicky, how is your and your husband’s relationship with food?”

Vicky almost couldn’t speak because the tears were welling up so fast. She had never associated her own painful battle with food, to her son’s refusal to eat regularly, but now she could see how even at the young age of 3, her son was affected.

So Vicky walked out of that office and vowed to no longer let food rule her life. She would be the controller of her own life. Not pizza, not sugar, not fast food, but SHE would be the one who determined the future of her health and that of her son.

The past 2 years for Vicky have been really tough, but absolutely life changing…

She has now successfully lost over 150 pounds using the principles that I teach in Beyond Blood Sugar. She said to me, “Here I have had this gift right in front of my face this whole time, I just needed to be ready to listen.”

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So to answer the question I posed at the beginning of this email, “Why, with so many weight loss programs, is it so hard for so many people to lose weight?”

Very simply, because they have to WANT to!

You see, Vicky knew my programs inside and out, but it did her absolutely no good until she had a strong enough reason WHY to do it…her son.

Where are you in your weight loss journey today?

Do you know all the right things to do, but you just can’t seem to implement them into your life?

Is your WHY strong enough, or do you need to find something or someone outside of yourself to finally get your health and your weight under control?

For me, my WHY is no longer about me…

It’s about people like my sister and people like you who allow me to show them by example that true health and happiness can be achieved through eating delicious and healthy food.

I also do it for my sons, who see how much time and effort I put into our meals and see that eating good food is so worth it.

If you want to see the program that helped Vicky lose those 150 pounds, you can check out Beyond Blood Sugar right here, but whether you join that program or are already on one of the Beyond Diet programs I want you to remember…

The secret to losing weight is figuring out your “WHY” – and then remembering it, day in and day out.

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