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Do You Need to

Orange Icon  Do You Need to "Cleanse" Like a Celebrity?

Orange Icon  Do You Need to "Cleanse" Like a Celebrity?

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One of the hottest celebrity diet trends right now is "Cleansing". Many trendy Hollywood celebs turn to cleansing to rid their bodies of nasty toxins that may be lurking in their body. That's one reason to cleanse, but what most of them really want is to lose weight!

The dangerous part about celebrities who are in the limelight promoting any kind of detox/cleanse is that they may be using harsh strategies requiring only juice, only soup or maybe no food at all. There is some merit to those strategies, but they may also pose potential dangers to people who have never done anything so strict and so harsh before.

One particular young celebrity actor (I don't like to name names) has been very public about the cleanses he has done. After starting one cleanse, he tweeted, "Nine hrs into the master cleanse. I want a steak, a beer, and a blow-pop. Hmmm this is gonna be rough." Why subject yourself to a cleanse like that? The purpose of a cleanse is to CLEAN your body, not make yourself miserable. Not that I would recommend all the foods listed above, but I really don't see any reason to participate in a cleanse that keeps you from eating good healthy food.

As I've told you in the past, you can cleanse your system without using harsh methods that are torture. The foods and meal plans I recommend as part of Beyond Diet are ideal for cleansing the body. If you follow the food choices and meal plans and drink tons of water, your body will begin to release toxins in a manageable way. You may even want to give up grains and dairy for a short period of time to give your body a little extra detox boost.

If you have been following a clean eating protocol for a few weeks now and are ready to enhance your cleansing, there is only 1 cleansing product I recommend and use myself. Ultimate Digestive Health is a natural cleansing product that consists of a fiber drink you drink every morning, a probiotic, a natural parasite cleanser, and a cleansing tea you drink at night. Not only is it easy to implement, it is safe and easy on your digestive system (no mad dashes to the bathroom, if you know what I mean).

Easy and Simple way to cleanse your body in 30 days

As always, I would never recommend something to you I haven't already done myself so, yes, I have done the full cleanse for the complete 30 days.

Here's what happened...
  • I consistently went to the bathroom 3 times a day, every day, without any stomach pains or diarrhea. I have tried some other products in the past and after the first day just knew they weren't for me because I could NOT leave the house (if you know what I mean!). This product is much gentler on your system and will help your body establish its natural rhythm. I cannot guarantee that will be the case for everyone, especially if your bowels have been clogged for a long time, but I felt comfortable using this product every day and continuing all of my daily living activities unaffected.
  • Stuff came out of my body that was a bit scary to say the least (I know, lots of details). For someone like me who goes pretty regularly, this was a pretty big shock. I couldn't believe that even after having 2 consistent bowel movements a day for several years, there was still some scary stuff in there that needed to make its way out. I'm guessing that the natural "sweeping" effect of the increased fiber helped to get any lodged fecal matter out of my large intestine and put it where it belongs...the toilet...hahaha.
  • My lower abs are super flat right now. I am pretty lean all year long (well at least when I'm not pregnant) and I would attribute most of this leanness to my eating habits, but whatever little pooch was there is pretty much gone now. Many people (women especially) complain about "the lower ab pooch" and no matter what they try, it just doesn't go away. Many times, for men and women, this is a direct effect of not releasing what's in their bowels every single day. Ridding your body of all of the trapped fecal matter in your large intestine can have a dramatic effect on how your abs look, and have the added benefit of getting rid of gas, bloating, and digestive discomforts.

Ultimate Digestive Health - Gentle Cleansing System

Please let me know what your results are after using the Ultimate Digestive Health cleanse for 30 days. I am excited to hear your results.