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Calories: No Need To Count

Orange Icon  Calories: No Need To Count

Orange Icon  Calories: No Need To Count

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Calories are everywhere - in everything you eat, in nearly everything you drink, even in small things like gum. So why would I tell you not to count them if you're trying to lose weight? Doesn't consuming too many calories make you gain weight?

Yes and no.

To clarify this, let's first look at what a calorie is and why we need them.

What Is a Calorie and What Does It Do?

A calorie is a unit of measurement of the potential energy a food has to offer the body. Our bodies, in turn, use this energy to do such things as digest food, regenerate cells, breathe, and more strenuous tasks such as exercising.

See, calories are an incredibly necessary component to keeping our bodies healthy and working properly, but the problems start when our calories start coming from the wrong places - processed, prepackaged foods instead of healthy, organic foods. Let's take a quick look at some processed foods compared to their natural counterparts.

Calories in Natural Foods vs. Calories in Packaged Foods

  • Orange (medium) - 86 calories; orange juice (1 cup) - 134 calories
  • Lemon (medium) - 17 calories; lemonade (1 cup) - 64-99 calories
  • Potato (7 oz baked) - 255 calories; French fries (medium) - 350-390 calories
  • Boiled egg - 55 calories; egg substitute (1 cup) - 211 calories
  • Fresh peach - 42 calories; canned peaches (light) - 60 calories

Even with this short list of natural vs. packaged food equivalents, the natural foods always have fewer calories and will ALWAYS be healthier and smarter food choices. Our bodies can more readily use the calories in natural foods and put them to good use rather than storing them as fat for later use as most prepackaged foods are.

Now that you know a bit more about calories and how they're used by the body, let's go back to the question of whether or not you should be counting them. Again, if you follow this program and eat the foods that I recommend, you should never have to count another calorie again. That's the beauty of my system - it's not complicated, it doesn't require a lot of math, and can be undertaken by any individual in any health or physical state because everything that I encourage is healthy, natural, organic, and yummy all at the same time.

Does not counting calories scare you? Are you so used to sticking to a stringent 1500 or 2000 calorie diet that you just can't think outside the box? It's easy when you're feeding your body the very best foods Mother Nature has provided. Heck, you can eat as many naturally grown, organic foods as your tummy can handle and I guarantee that you will still see vast improvements in your weight and the way you feel overall.

Stick with grass-fed organic meats, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, raw dairy products, coconut and olive oils, as well as butter and stay as far away from any prepackaged, processed foods possible. Also, don't forget to drink all the water you can handle. Water will help your body to use those healthy calories and make them work for you. Happy eating!