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6 Foods to Avoid for Stable Blood Sugar
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6 Foods to Avoid for Stable Blood Sugar

Recently I was sitting in the waiting room of my eye doctor’s office and I picked up a popular Diabetes Magazine.

As you may or may not know, I have a huge passion for diabetes as my mom has suffered from Type 2 Diabetes since her 40s. She managed her blood sugar numbers very well up until her later 70s using Beyond Blood Sugar and many of the tips I am sharing with you below.

This particular diabetes magazine was loaded with dessert recipes that were recommended for diabetics. After scanning several of the recipes, I couldn't believe what I was reading.

I found so many red flag ingredients that I would never recommend for any diabetic.

If you or someone you love has diabetes, please share this helpful list with them:

Red FlagAll-Purpose Flour - All purpose flour does not offer much nutritionally to anyone. It contains very little fiber and is chock full of insulin raising carbohydrates. If keeping your blood sugar stable is your goal, you would benefit greatly from staying away from it.

Red FlagWhole Wheat Pastry Flour - Although many people perceive whole wheat to be a healthy choice, this is not the case for those concerned with their blood sugar. Whole wheat flour does contain more fiber than the all-purpose alternative, but it still has a glycemic index of 71 (out of a possible 100) which can have a dramatic effect on elevating blood sugar levels.

Red FlagFrozen Egg Product - These are eggs that have been processed, which may result in a product that contains non-egg ingredients. Some egg products contain sugar, corn syrup, citric acid, and food additives such as sodium aluminum silicate. These are not the farm fresh, organic eggs that are recommended for your diet. Processed ingredients such as these can elevate blood sugar levels to unhealthy ranges.

Red FlagGranulated Sugar – Granulated sugar is just another way to say white table sugar. Granulated sugar is made up of 50% fructose which leads to spikes in blood glucose and insulin levels due to its ability to be broken down so quickly. Fructose overloads the liver in significant amounts and can cause insulin resistance, which is something diabetics are already battling.

Red FlagCanola OilCanola oil is made from rapeseeds, and most rapeseeds are genetically modified. Canola oil goes through a very high heat mechanical processing method that contains hexane, which makes all of the good polyunsaturated fat toxic and rancid. Even worse is that many people don’t know that this processing method turns a proportion of the healthy fats in canola oil into trans fats. Trans fat is thought to affect blood glucose levels and insulin, which can make managing diabetes even more of a challenge. And to make matters worse, it is a major contributor to heart disease and heart attacks.

Red FlagSplenda Sugar Blend – Splenda, also known as sucralose, was thought to be a “safe” sugar alternative for diabetics, but the truth is now surfacing. More recent studies published in Diabetes Care reveal the harmful effects of a single dose of sucralose, such as its tendency to increase peak insulin secretion rates by 22%, insulin levels by 20%, and plasma glucose concentrations by .6 mmol/L. In addition, artificial sweeteners are a foreign substance to your body, and a huge strain on your liver.

Red Flag vs. BD Approved


The problem with these red flag ingredients is that they are perceived as healthy and safe when, in reality, they do nothing but harm to someone who is already struggling with diabetes. After my mom was diagnosed, misleading information in mainstream magazines can be very frustrating to see knowing that so many people rely on it for blood sugar management.

It was false information like what I read in my Doctor’s office that inspired me to create Beyond Blood Sugar for my mom and everyone else struggling with this debilitating disease. There’s so much to gain (and so many prescription medications to lose) when you put your health into your own hands, and Beyond Blood Sugar is the natural way to take control of your blood sugar, for good.

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