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25 Weight Loss Secrets from 25 Beyond Diet Members
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25 Weight Loss Secrets from 25 Beyond Diet Members

If you've been a Beyond Diet member for even just 1 day, chances are you've already learned a few weight loss secrets tips to help you reach your health goals.

Whether it's which foods to eliminate for better thyroid health, or why you need to ditch artificial sweeteners (right now), there's a ton of knowledge you can gain from Beyond Diet.

But today, I'm turning the tables around and asking the very people who are in your shoes, our wonderful and inspirational Beyond Diet members, to share their insider weight loss tips and tricks that have helped them reach their goals.

Here's what Beyond Diet members have to say: 

You must have a goal…

1. "I focus on the clothes I used to wear before I had 3 kids" – Janine, Beyond Diet Member

Buddy up with a partner…

2. "Doing Beyond Diet with my husband keeps me motivated!" – Laura, Beyond Diet Member

3. "My wife and I have been doing this program together and we keep each other on track!" – Mike, Beyond Diet Member

Be conscious of your portions…

4. "Keeping my portions smaller was a huge start and made a big difference." – Julie, Beyond Diet Member

5. "Don't get too comfortable with feeling you 'KNOW' the serving sizes by looking! After being here a while it is so easy to eyeball what we think a cup of veggies is or how big 4 or 5 ounces of meat is that we fall to portion distortion. If you really want to be successful and continue to lose weight, you have to remember to check yourself once in a while by weighing and measuring your servings. You might be shocked to find that you're eating way more than you are supposed to! If so, readjust for continued success!!!! :-)" – Janet, Beyond Diet Member

Get creative with your water intake…

6. "When you're having trouble getting all you water in, squeeze in some fresh lemon juice and add a little'll taste like lemonade!" – Maria, Beyond Diet Member

7. "Trouble drinking all your water? Try adding a few mashed berries to your glass of water. Yum, what a treat! I have also tried cucumbers in my water, very refreshing......also enjoy fresh mint......get creative.....feel refreshed and enjoy the journey to a healthy weight!" – Celeste, Beyond Diet member


Increase your water intake with Strawberry Lime Water


  • •½ lime
  • •3 strawberries
  • •8 oz water


Slice the lime. Cut tops off strawberries and cut in halves. Add fruit to water. Let sit for a bit so the water can soak up the flavor of the fruit. Enjoy!

Always have food on the go…

8. "Keep the Banana Walnut Muffins in a bag to go when you have to be out for a while - they are great so you don't feel deprived when going out for a coffee or tea - it's the company you are going for not the deadly confectionary or beverages!" – Jill, Beyond Diet Member

9. "Have the Almond Butter Zucchini Brownies on hand to fill that brownie craving, carry with you shopping so you can enjoy a yummy treat while walking past those coffee shops that can tempt you. Just think, 'Ha ha, I'm having something so yummy and you can't tempt me!'" – Tiffany, Beyond Diet Member

Prep and freeze!…

10. "I keep plenty of my favorite BD recipes cooked and frozen in individual serving containers in my freezer. I especially love the turkey chili and the stuffed meatballs so they are in my freezer and when our schedule gets hectic, all I have to do is grab my individual serving containers out if the freezer and heat them and we are all set." – Pat, Beyond Diet Member

11. "For me it is writing down exactly what my meals and snacks are for the week and the portion sizes. It makes my week easier not to have to think about what I am doing for meals all I have to do is look at my list! If I put that I am having 3 salads during the week for lunches then I cut up my veggies and put them in a container so that all I have to do is scoop out my cup of salad instead of spending time each day cutting veggies. This saves me time each evening." – Bethany, Beyond Diet Member

Find more ways to save time!...

12. "I started the diet 3 days ago. For me, the easiest way was to start was to plan my shopping and cooking ahead of time. I did the grocery shopping then cooked all the chicken and meatballs I needed for 2 weeks, separated it into 3 -4 oz packages and froze it. It initially took some time but it has made it easier for daily meal prep. I also made the salad dressing ahead of time. Hope this helps others get started and set up for success!" – Marilyn, Beyond Diet Member

13. "Hello! A couple great tips. Time management. Prepping things the night before is very helpful like cutting veggies up and putting in labeled bags. As well as a great water bottle container and knowing how many oz so you know for example you have to drink 4 bottles and to stay on track by drinking 2 by lunch etc. if you get a sweet tooth sprinkling a little honey and cinnamon on apple slices or banana is yummy." – Chelsey, Beyond Diet Member

Know the facts and stay on track!...

14. "What helps me stay motivated is learning how the body responds to food and not having to create shopping lists or meal plans for eating healthy and delicious meals. I'm a Beyond Diet lifetime member!" – Christine, Beyond Diet Member

15. "Other than following your great Beyond Diet program, educating myself on the dangers of gluten and overindulgence of carbs has been my most motivating factor. Once I realized (years ago) that food manufacturers aren't really creating FOOD, something clicked." – Sandra, Beyond Diet Member

16. "I always wondered if the low-fat and non-fat food I was buying was actually healthy for me. I felt so lost and frustrated because I was not seeing results but trying to follow the "healthy" labels on the products in the market. You have changed my life for the better! I am so thankful for the education you provide on what is healthy and what is not. I finally get it and feel so much better." – Aiden, Beyond Diet Member

17. "Always remind yourself that Beyond Diet isn't a diet!!! This is a lifestyle change and you're committing yourself to HEALTH and happiness. Focus on how amazing you feel." – Debbie, Beyond Diet Member

Find a hobby that you love and keeps you active...

18. "My new found love of travel and getting certified Scuba diving now plus my seven grandkids keeps me wanting to be fit and stay fit to live life to its fullest!" – Monika, Beyond Diet Member

19. "I've just started the Beyond Diet program and my goal is to get back into competitive barrel racing and horseback riding." – Aisha, Beyond Diet Member

Don't forget your daily affirmations…

20. "Say your daily affirmations out loud everyday looking in the mirror. helps set your brain/thoughts for success with your goals!" – Maria, Beyond Diet Member

Don't step on the scale too often… but if it still won't budge – read THIS

21. "Do NOT step on and look at the scale often. It should NOT all be about the weight you're losing, it should be about making healthy choices. Focus on eating right and exercising. I'm not saying NEVER step on the scale, but to check your weight once or twice a month if you feel the need. That helped me lose weight!" – Mandy, Beyond Diet Member

Where is the weight REALLY lost?

22."Weight loss tip: Lose weight in the kitchen, get fit in the gym." – Jade, Beyond Diet Member

Get a pedometer and make exercise a game!

23. "I love my FitBit watch! Couldn't live without it." – Joyce, Beyond Diet Member

Keep a food journal...

24. "My favorite tool on the program is the success journal. I've found that I stay on track more when I have all of my meals recorded and I know what I've eaten for the day. I've already lost 20 pounds!" – Patricia, Beyond Diet Member

25. "Food journaling is the only way I can stay on track with the meal plans since I lead a very busy life. Thank you Isabel and Beyond Diet for these incredible tools!" - Jasmin, Beyond Diet Member

I couldn't agree more with these last 2 secrets. Keeping a food journal (what I like to call a "Success Journal" for obvious reasons) is one of the most effective ways to lose weight and keep it off.

So, you might already have exactly what you need to get started with your health goals.

But if you're someone that is looking to:

  • •Shed pounds with a quick start guide using recipes and done-for-you meal plans,
  • •Save money and time with shopping lists that tell you exactly what you need to buy each and every week,
  • •And keep everything in 1 place with the Beyond Diet Success Journal,

The Beyond Diet program is sure to make your lifetime membership even more valuable. 

Get access to your Beyond Diet supercharged meal plans and interactive Success Journal by clicking here »


Remember... Beyond Diet Transformation

You are capable of reaching your health and weight loss goals! 


shirley adsit
love this diet, feel like a baby having to eat every 4 hours, its hard to keep up eating when I am use to one meal and lets go.
Belinda Jones
this new way of eating has woke me up. I'm retired and keeping track of my health in a new way is invigorating. My husband likes the recipes I've been making too.
Coach Chrissy

Hi Sandra! - FAQ 1 explains your metabolism type.