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How to Naturally Fight Hair Loss

Orange Icon  How to Naturally Fight Hair Loss

Orange Icon  How to Naturally Fight Hair Loss

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I've always had great hair thanks to great genetics from my dad.

So when 3 years ago my hair started acting really strange I knew something wasn't quite right.

Not only was the texture of my hair going from smooth and silky to dry and brittle, it was also falling out way more than I had ever seen before.

This was downright scary to me...

As a health professional I know that many of the hair and skin problems women (and men) suffer from can be linked to 3 things:

  1. Stress
  2. Nutrition (a few specifics I will share with you below)
  3. Overuse of chemicals in hair and on skin

I hate to admit it, but I was guilty of all 3 culprits at the time.

My workload was more than I could handle, my coffee consumption was off the charts, and my hair care included a long list of shampoos and potions filled with scary and toxic ingredients.

Starting with the first, I've discussed managing stress in great detail before, so I won't rehash just how detrimental it is to your health. Just be sure NOT to overlook it until one day your body starts screaming that something is wrong (like big chunks of hair falling out).

For me managing my stress meant asking family members for more help with the kids, letting go of some work projects, and getting more sleep. None of those things happened instantly. I slowly tackled each one and the positive results showed themselves much faster than I expected.

Next, on to my nutrition...

You would think I had this one perfect right? Not quite. What I didn't realize was that my coffee consumption had reached the unhealthy amount of 3 cups per day.

This much caffeine was greatly impairing my ability to absorb vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Hacking away at my coffee problem wasn't easy but eventually I got down to 1-2 teas each day (Woohoo go me!).

But the easiest and best change of all (ok, all 3 of these changes are really great), was that I completely ditched all the nasty chemicals I was putting in my hair.

I never thought this change would be "easy". The reason I hadn't done it before was because I thought my hair just wouldn't look the same with all those chemical laden shampoos, conditioners, and creams.

After a little bit of research, I found what many people consider one of the best resources for natural hair and skin care, "The Beauty of Food".

I was immediately drawn to page 41 "My secrets for preventing hair loss in women" and it's in that chapter that I learned my now new secret for beautiful silky and voluminous hair...Oil Baths for your hair.

Oil baths are where you put equal amounts of castor oil and almond oil in your hair as a weekly treatment. You can't imagine what miracles this will perform for your hair! I know you will be as pleasantly surprised as I was.

I also completely changed how I brush my hair, as I didn't realize how my previous method of brushing was greatly damaging the structure of my hair.

The added benefit to this simple guide is that I also learned the "50 cent Botox alternative"...egg whites! What an amazing mask and an easy way to lift your skin in minutes.

If ditching the chemicals in your hair and on your skin has been on your mind, this easy guide is a great place to start.

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