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Relieve Pain and Reverse Arthritis in 30 Days…Naturally
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Relieve Pain and Reverse Arthritis in 30 Days…Naturally

There are a handful of books I keep close to my desk for constant reference. Some books cover nutrition and recipes, others are about finances and budgeting, and many more on healing the human body.

There is one particular book that I’ve been using a lot in the past several weeks for a specific reason…

One month ago, my 76 year old mother fell in the kitchen of her home while grabbing something from the top shelf of her pantry. It was pretty scary for she and my dad and we immediately took her to the emergency care unit for x-rays and MRIs.

Thankfully everything showed up ok and all my mom had was a few bumps and bruises, but the doctor did notice that my mom’s left knee is now extremely arthritic and no longer has the cartilage she needs between the bones.

The doctor asked her…

“Mrs. De Los Rios, does your left knee hurt often? It sure looks like it does.”

My mom explained that even though the films of her knee looked pretty bad, she was implementing some natural strategies to control the arthritis that I had suggested and was helping her with.

She then took the opportunity to brag about me a little bit, which I guess every parent does, right? ;-)

She told the doctor about the book I was using to guide her through these natural arthritis control strategies, “Arthritis Reversed: 30 Days to Lasting Relief from Joint Pain and Arthritis”…

And I got it completely FREE from my friends at the Healthy Back Institute!

It’s honestly one of the best things I’ve ever gotten for free and in this email they’ve agreed to extend the same exclusive giveaway to YOU – my Beyond Diet members and readers!

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With this book available to you at no cost, there’s almost no reason why you shouldn’t have it. If you or someone you love is suffering from arthritis, I believe this book is a MUST read.

Specifically I’ve been using the chart on page 71 with my mother for several years now. The chart has been priceless and served as my guide for helping my mom minimize her pain. Once you receive your book, I highly encourage you to make a copy of this page and keep it handy.

Here’s how it works…

First you determine the area that’s having the greatest negative impact on your body, and then you use the easy steps in the book to eliminate that source of pain.

Once you have a handle on that one, you move on to another one.

You may be thinking, “Geez Isabel. That sounds like a lot of work”, it’s actually not. The beauty of this process is that once you work on one, many of the others start to fix themselves.

For example, with my mother, once she eliminated many of the inflammatory foods that were causing the pain and discomfort, not only did much of her pain subside, her sleep improved as well.

Another life changer for my mother was once she started moving more during the day, her joints felt better, reducing her need for things like Advil and Motrin.

The wonderful thing about this chart (and the entire book) is that it has the potential to help anyone that is suffering from any form of pain…

    • Migraines

    • Digestive issues

    • Fatigue

    • Arthritis

    • Old injuries

    The principles in this book are simple and effective methods for helping our body naturally feel good each and every day.

    Take advantage of this completely free opportunity and get your copy of “Arthritis Reversed: 30 Days to Lasting Relief from Joint Pain and Arthritis”…

    You’ve got nothing to lose except pain!

    And how great would your life be without that?

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