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Bring Your Healthy Lifestyle to Work
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Bring Your Healthy Lifestyle to Work

It's no secret that having a friend or family member along for the ride can make your weight loss journey not only more fun, but also more effective.

Your buddy doesn't just have to be a friend or family member though. Look to your co-workers (or even your whole company!) for support, too. Here are some great ways to get a co-worker or your whole company to join you on your weight loss journey:

  1. Share Your Lunch Recipe - Share your lunch recipes with your co-workers. Getting them to eat more healthy, filling lunches will not only help your co-workers stay true to a better eating plan, but it will surround you with more healthy foods on lunch breaks and keep you on track.

  2. Activity Day - Suggest an activity day to your boss or HR department. Meet up with for a day of softball or soccer in the park. Not only will you have some quality time to bond with your co-workers, but you will also get your exercise in at the same time!

  3. Better Breakroom Snacks - One thing I remember about working in an office are the donuts and crackers and other unhealthy processed foods that are for employees to snack on in the breakroom. Approach your boss or HR department and ask to have fruits and nuts in the breakroom as well (or even instead)!

  4. "Secret Santa" Lunch - This activity is particularly fun if two or more people in your office are following Beyond Diet. The rules are the same as Secret Santa: write your name on a slip of paper and place it in a hat. Have everyone draw someone else’s name. The name you draw is the person you have to cook lunch for on a set day. So, make sure everyone lists any dietary restrictions ahead of time!

  5. Sponsored Weight Loss - Turn your fat loss into an even better cause. For every pound you and your co-workers lose, add $1 to a jar dedicated to a charity of choice. At the same time, you and your co-workers can also sign up for a sponsored charity walk. This will not only be for a wonderful cause, but it's fantastic exercise as well!

Now that you have all of these ideas to get you started, it's time to work on step #1: find a buddy! Ask your partner, friends, and coworkers if they'd like to be your buddy. Once you find them, you can work with them to set the goals you want to achieve, and begin your path to healthy living and weight loss, together.