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Losing Weight with a Buddy
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Losing Weight with a Buddy

"Better, together."

We've all heard that phrase before and know that sometimes it's easier to get things done with a friend instead of on our own.

Studies have proven that we are heavily influenced by our social circles, especially those closest to us, and it makes senseā€¦

  • If your partner began going to bed 2 hours earlier every night, chances are your nightly routine would change, too.
  • If you're a smoker and all your friends just gave up smoking, chances are you'll give up smoking, too.

The same goes for losing weight. If your partner or friends started a new healthy living plan in order to lose weight, chances are you'd want to join the same program, too.

At Beyond Diet, we call this the buddy system and we are constantly encouraging it. It's not just because making a healthy change with a buddy is more fun, but also because it is more EFFECTIVE!

That's right. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania studied two groups of people on a diet. One group of individuals started a diet on their own, with no community or support whatsoever. The other group started a diet with a few people, and a community of supportive members on the same diet.

What the study showed was that the people who were dieting together socially reinforced one another from deviating from the new learned diet principles, helping them keep the weight off for good.

Those are just the scientific findings. Not to mention, there are so many different ways to have fun when dieting with a buddy. At Beyond Diet, you and your buddy can join a natural, healthy, and wholesome weight loss program together and you'll even be welcomed by 670,000 other community members in your shoes.

Your buddy can be your partner, your friend, your family member, or even your coworker!

You can have a lot of fun using different ways to lose weight with a friend:

  1. Set Personal Benchmarks Together - You and your buddy can set goals together, whether they're about weight loss, exercise, healthy eating, or overall health. When you and your buddy keep journals of your health journeys, you can share your improvement together.
  2. Food Shopping Together - This activity is particularly great with a buddy when you bring along your pre-made Beyond Diet shopping lists to the grocery store. Reinforcing the newly learned eating habits can help you make the right, healthy decisions when grocery shopping. Helping one another avoid the diet soda, 100 calorie packs, and other unhealthy foods will keep you both on track.
  3. Eat Out Together - Whether you're losing weight with a friend or a partner, eating a meal together can help you both stay on track. Sharing your newly learned health, food, and cooking knowledge with one another when dining out can help you stay on track and make healthy food choices.
  4. Weekly Cook - Have a weekly or monthly dinner party at your home with your buddy! Alternate between who hosts a dinner, and enjoy the experience cooking together. Sticking to a weekly cook will help you both stay on track, learn new cooking tips, and maybe even new recipes!
  5. Exercise Together - You and your buddy can join a fitness class together and motivate one another to stick to a regular schedule. Joining a gym not for you? Spend time together by taking long walks in a park, on the beach, or around your neighborhood. The time will pass faster than you realize while you and your buddy can catch up. Before you know it, you will have already completed your walk.