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Staying Healthy on the Go

Orange Icon  Staying Healthy on the Go

Orange Icon  Staying Healthy on the Go

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We all live such busy lives these days, what with traveling for work, shuttling the kids from school to their friend's house to practice, and then there are all of the errands that need to be run. You have no time to plan and cook every single meal, so the temptation to stop at those yellow arches or some other popular fast-food location is sometimes overwhelming.

Trust me, even I have found myself hungry and tempted by those places several times. I am constantly traveling and on the go, but I don't let that be my excuse for not eating well. Instead, I have come up with some surefire ways to keep me on my healthy eating plan and away from the unhealthy temptations that lurk around every corner.

Grocery Stores are Better Than Fast Food
If you ever find yourself short on time and in need of quick sustenance, I highly recommend that you visit the produce section of the local grocery store. It is just as easy to run in, grab an apple, a banana, a cold bottle of water, or a pre-made salad and be back on the road as it would if you went through a drive-thru. Plus, you will probably be spending a lot less in the long run.

Find Healthy Fast-Food
If you just don't have the gumption to go into an actual grocery store, there are healthy fast-food options to consider which can sate your hunger. Try to stick with lean proteins, like chicken, and find items that are mostly made up of vegetables or fruit. I do not recommend you drink your fruit because you never know what else they are putting in those smoothies. I do, however, recommend that you stick with water so you can reach your daily recommendation for water intake each day. I have found some of the healthiest "fast food" actually comes from food trucks rather than restaurants. If you can find one of these, you should see what their menu has to offer.

Be Your Own Fridge
I am a huge proponent of keeping a cooler in the car stocked with essential foods to have on hand when traveling. I always keep several bottles of water, some organic produce, and some snacks on hand that I can nosh on when I am on the go and pressed for time. If you can't fit a big cooler, try for a collapsible or soft-sided one that will best fit your vehicle.

See, there is no need to bypass your healthy eating habits just because you're on the go. There are always ways to surround yourself with the best foods possible to keep your metabolism going and keep up with your busy lifestyle.