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Sprouted Whole Grain Bread: A Diet's Best Friend

Orange Icon  Sprouted Whole Grain Bread: A Diet's Best Friend

Orange Icon  Sprouted Whole Grain Bread: A Diet's Best Friend

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My mother always said that our meals were rice-heavy because of our Peruvian culture, and for a while, it made sense to me.

But then, after talking to friends who were Italian, Spanish, Irish, and Asian, I realized that pretty much every culture's diet is generous with grains.

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But there probably isn't a country in the world as dependent on grains as the US. In 2000, the USDA reported that each American was consuming approximately 200 pounds of grain each year and estimates that each of us consumes approximately 50 pounds of bread each year.

Bread is a staple of the American diet. We use it to make sandwiches, to sop up extra soup or salad dressing, and to make croutons.

Unfortunately, most of us eat the absolute worst kind of bread: the kind made from refined grains. White bread can be deadly to your diet, and it comes with a host of potential health problems.

Modern bread carries a wide array of issues. Here are some reasons you should avoid it:

  • - It's stripped of essential vitamins and nutrients during processing.
  • - It's a source of simple carbohydrates that cause spikes in blood sugar.
  • - It's a big contributor to heart disease.

In fact, the Harvard School of Public Health has said that eating white bread can not only stall weight loss, but cause weight gain.

Luckily, to live a healthy life, you don't need to cut bread out of your diet entirely!

Whether because you're eating on the go, your kids love peanut butter sandwiches, or you consider eggs on toast a fantastic breakfast, bread and other grains do have a place in a healthy diet. You just need to eat the right kinds of grains. And to get the most out of the bread you're putting in your body, there's only one option: SWG bread.

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What does SWG mean?

Most of the benefits of sprouted whole grain (SWG) breads come from the way they're produced. In most breads, the grains are ground into flour and then processed. In white breads, the grains are also bleached, which further leeches essential vitamins and minerals.

In sprouted whole grain bread products, however, the grains are allowed to sprout before they're ground up.

3 reasons to switch to SWG bread:

  1. Sprouting aids digestion. If you suffer from gas or indigestion, sprouted whole grain breads can offer relief. That's because sprouting breaks down complex sugars and phytic acid, which prevents the body's absorption of key vitamins and minerals. Plus, sprouted whole grains are an excellent source of fiber, further aiding digestion.

  2. Sprouting prevents depletion of vitamins and boosts them! Grains pack the most nutritional punch when sprouted, increasing supplies of essential vitamins and beta carotene.

  3. Turkey SandwichSprouting reduces the carbohydrate content and increases the protein content of grains. Because the sprouting process changes some carbohydrates into proteins, you can enjoy a turkey sandwich on two slices of sprouted whole grain bread without worrying about blowing your entire daily carb allowance. Plus, the variety of grains in many sprouted grain products provides a wide array of amino acids.

So many dieters trip up on their way to achieving their weight-loss goals because the allure of bread and grains is too great to pass up. It's important to understand not only what you should or shouldn't eat, but also why. Most widely available breads including some "whole wheat" varieties that are essentially white bread with a few grains tossed in for marketing purposes are processed to the point where they have no nutritional value whatsoever.

We need to massively cut back on the amount of bread we eat (ehem, 50 pounds!), but it isn't essential to cut it out entirely. If you still feel the pull of PB&J, spread it on Ezekiel 4:9 bread. Your body will enjoy it as much as your taste buds.

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