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Fat-Burning Foods

From chocolate to chia, gluten to guava, and coconuts to coffee - we've got answers to tons of your food and drink questions. Find out what YOU should be eating (or avoiding) right here:
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Weight Loss

In these articles we cut through the hype and find out what really matters when it comes to long-term fat loss. Here are a few of our most popular articles:
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Health Concerns

Being concerned about your health is the first active step in making a positive change to your lifestyle. Let Isabel answer any of your health concerns:
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  • Is This Detox Organ Working in Your Body?

    Is This Detox Organ Working in Your Body?

    Did you know that the liver is the largest internal organ in the body? The liver filter is designed to remove toxic matter such as dead cells, chemicals, drugs and any other “nasties” from the blood stream. So what happens when you don't treat it well and it stops working properly?

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  • MMMM, Coffee!

    MMMM, Coffee!

    I know how that coffee high feels and let me tell you, it’s oh so good and soooo bad at the same time.

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  • The Truth About The Beef You Eat

    The Truth About The Beef You Eat

    Let's settle the score on cholesterol, heart health, and weight loss when it comes to factory farmed and grass-fed red meat.

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If you want to discover tips and stories about cooking for your family, shopping on a budget, going out to restaurants, or all the other ways we make healthy eating in to a true lifestyle, then read on. This section has great advice like:
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Ever feel down about weight loss? Need help getting excited, staying on track, or dealing with setbacks? Whether you need motivation to lose weight, get healthy, or just feel better then let us uplift and inspire you with articles like these:
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Exercise doesn't have to be boring or even difficult. There are so many ways to stay active either on your own or with a partner:
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  • Walk It Off

    Walk It Off

    Walking not only burns calories and helps you shape up without the high-impact toll on knees and hips that other exercises can have, walking workouts can help your brain health, too! Find out how to walk for your health!

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  • Fitness Trends

    Fitness Trends

    Finding some form of exercise that you (mostly) enjoy and that fits into your lifestyle is the key to sticking with it. To help you find something that fits your fitness style, let’s look at some new workout trends.

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  • How to Make Your Metabolism Work for You

    How to Make Your Metabolism Work for You

    I think that because your metabolism isn't something that you can see or touch, people aren't sure that it really exists. Let me tell you, it does exist and...

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Healthy Living

In a world with not-so-healthy choices, how do you succeed in your jouney to health and happiness? Get the latest tips and info here:
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Here's how to get your whole family on the fast track to health (without them even knowing)!
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  • 13 Easy Gluten-Free Pizza Recipes

    13 Easy Gluten-Free Pizza Recipes

    Do you prefer the crust or do you leave it to the side? What's your favorite topping? Do you prefer vegan, vegetarian, or pepperoni? No matter your preference, we have pizza recipes you are sure to love!

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