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An Attitude of Gratitude
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An Attitude of Gratitude

The holiday season, with all of its crazy busyness and stress, is now officially here. At this time (and many others!) some of us forget how truly blessed we are, myself included. As Thanksgiving approaches, I wanted to take a moment and write down what I am grateful for. Writing a gratitude list can really help put things into perspective and remind what is truly important in our life. If fact, Oprah has been keeping a gratitude journal for years that she writes in daily, and I have a friend who thinks of five specific things she is grateful for each day before she goes to bed.

I am so very grateful for my husband. When I first became passionate about nutrition and sharing that knowledge with others, I had many naysayers. "But Isabel" they would say, "there are already so many diet books out there. I don't think people would buy another one." Even friends and family members who love me and want the best for me would echo those same sentiments, which can easily turn into self-doubt. But my husband was different. He believed in me. He told me that I could do anything I wanted to do. And he was right! We only have one life to live, and I made a decision to follow my dreams, with the support of my hubby. The wonderful thing is that he is just as supportive of me today as he was in the beginning.

God has blessed me with two beautiful sons. They are happy, healthy, and love me unconditionally. Every day, I am able to enjoy and cherish their hugs, smiles, and funny antics. Some days I don't think they could possibly get any better, but they do! I really do believe that children are God's gift to the world. My kids and every other child in the world are so pure, loving, full of natural wonder and full of love. They remind me of all that is good about life!

To every customer, reader, and person who doesn't know me but have entrusted me with your health - thank you. I am so very grateful for being privileged to have the awesome responsibility to carry my message and I don't take my job lightly. You are all helping me make a difference in this world by leading by example. Think of a few people that you have helped by living this lifestyle and pat yourself on the back! Life truly is about helping each other.

My parents. Without my parents, I have no doubt that I wouldn't be where I am today. I am so grateful for my mom, who gave me a passion for health. After watching her struggle with her weight and diabetes, I knew I could help her. My dad gave me the gift of my passionate, entrepreneurship spirit. Without him, I wouldn't own my own business and wouldn't be able to help so many people.

My team at Beyond Diet is simply amazing. Every single person who works with me truly loves what they do. They know me and understand why I do this important work, because they are passionate about it too. My colleagues let the mantra of "helping people" guide them on a daily basis, and that is a beautiful thing to witness.

Because of the internet, I am able to communicate with thousands of people each and every day. (Talk about mass communication! What did we do before the internet??) Being able to have a platform to share my message really is a blessing, and the internet provides that platform.

As a busy, tired mommy, sometimes I need help. And sometimes that help comes in the form of caffeine! Green tea is my standard drink of choice when I need some extra energy to help me through the day. When really needed, I do love my coffee as well!

I have been very blessed with the opportunity to be able to work from home. Not only does it make my life easier, it also lets me spend each day with my children. I get to be close to them and nurture them and watch them grow every day.

I really am grateful for so many wonderful people and things in my life, and it is good to remind myself of all of my blessings. What are you grateful for this holiday season?

Here are a few things our Beyond Diet Members are grateful for...

"Today I'm grateful for... My Community Centre where I go swim laps every week day. It is always clean, the staff are always cheery at 7:00 am, the lifeguards always say "hi", and the water aerobics instructors play rockin' good tunes for me to swim laps to. Really makes me happy and excited to be there. Sadly, today was the last day for swimming as the pool is closing for maintenance and repairs for 6 weeks. I'll miss it. But since I'll have extra time now and want to keep exercising, I'll be amping up my walking and adding a resistance training workout program. Maybe I'll get up the courage to brave the cold lakes nearby if I really find myself swim-deprived. :)" -Deanne

"Today I Am Grateful For: I am grateful that I get to wake up in my own bed every morning. Something I never take for granted. I am grateful for the food in my pantry and the food in my now newly repaired refrigerator :). I am grateful for the furnishings in my home, simple as they may be. I am grateful for the clothing hanging in my closet, worn as they may be. After work or play, I am grateful that I have a house to come home to. And tomorrow I am very much looking forward to prepping in my own kitchen. I really enjoy eating like this. There was another gift from my neighbor of veggies waiting for me by my door when I came home after work today. I'm SO rich!" -Janet

"I am grateful for air conditioning! it is HOT in southeastern PA this week! I grew up in Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi with our vacations either in Florida to visit my Daddy's family or Georgia to visit my Mama's family. The only one of those places that had a/c was Mississippi. This is my 31st summer in PA and there have been some hot ones. I really love having a/c! And now for snack time! Green peppers with hummus and cherries!"-Sandy