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4 Tips to Lose Weight in Tricky Situations
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4 Tips to Lose Weight in Tricky Situations

Birthday parties, weddings, celebrations...they can all be so much fun, but let me tell you why I have a real love/hate relationship with them and trust me, I'm sure you can relate.

Here's what I love. I love spending time with family and friends, especially people I may not have seen in quite some time. It's such a wonderful time to catch up on all of the great events that happened in the past year.

I also love getting all dressed up and putting on clothes that are more than just my "mommy" sweats. I may even put a little makeup on my face and brush my hair. Woohoo..that would make it a real party!

Here's the part I absolutely hate (and yes, hate is a strong word, but you'll see what I'm talking about in just a minute).

It always upsets me when I experience "junk-food pushers" at parties. I also like to call these people "trolls." You know the people I'm talking about here...

"Oh, just have one cookie (or whatever). It's a party, for goodness' sake."

"Oh, don't worry about eating all of this bad food. You can just start your "diet" tomorrow like the rest of us."

Or the worst one of all: "Geez, just one won't kill you."

Look, I think everyone should treat themselves to whatever tasty food they like as part of a healthy eating plan, but going on an all-out binge because of parties and festivities - that's just going to end up having you feel awful in the long run.

How can you get through these party situations effectively and run away from the "junk-food pushers" and "trolls"?

Here are my strategies for surviving the party scene...

Eat before you go. I use this one all the time. I eat a hearty meal that contains healthy protein and fat to keep me satisfied so I am not running to the buffet table upon entering the party. When asked, "Are you going to eat?" I just say, "Yeah, I'll get to it." Or "I had a really late lunch. I'll eat a bit in a little while." I don't get into a full dissertation about how their breaded, fried and sugar laden food is horribly bad for you. No one really wants to hear it, especially at a party. So I just keep it light and keep it moving and keep the conversation flowing about everything else, EXCEPT the food.

Bring your own stuff. I have become so famous for this, people expect me to walk in with a delicious treat. Everyone loves my deviled eggs, guacamole, and veggie side dishes, it's often the first thing they ask. "Hey, what healthy concoction did you make this year?" People really do want to eat healthy, it just needs to taste good! Whenever in doubt or at a loss for a delicious recipe, just head on over to the Beyond Diet recipe section.

Do not let one bad party dictate the rest of your month. Here's another one I see all the time. You mess up one time and you think it's the end of the world. Not true! Just get right back on your horse and start healthy the next day. This is not an all-or-nothing plan. This is a clean, healthy lifestyle. So you didn't "blow" your diet. You just had a little treat...end of story!

Start off on the right (healthy) foot. For me, this means a full 2 cups of water blended with Daily Energy. This is how I start every day, but it's especially important on days when I may be eating at a restaurant, a party, or a relative's house. When you're not the one preparing the food, you might be overindulging without even knowing it.

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