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3 Proven Olympian Strategies for Boosting Health
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3 Proven Olympian Strategies for Boosting Health

Many of us have spent the past several weeks watching incredible feats of athleticism (a.k.a. The Olympics).

I don’t know about you, but I am completely amazed by these Olympic athletes. The commitment they give to their sport and their willingness to do whatever it takes, is quite inspiring to say the least.

Something else I am quite interested in is how these athletes take care of their bodies. I mean, if you’re going to push your muscles, heart, and joints that much, you must have an incredible regimen to go along with it right?

I don’t have the details on the specific protocols of each athlete, but I do know there are some consistent practices they all use and that we can learn a lot from.

No, I’m not suggesting you take your body to uncomfortable training extremes, but I do believe we can all become Olympic athletes in our own ways.

Here are my top 3 strategies to become my own version of an Olympic mommy/business owner/wife:

  1. ProteinBe sure to eat adequate amounts of protein throughout the day – When I say “eat protein”, many people automatically assume I mean eat a high protein diet, but that’s not it at all. What I mean is to be sure to include an adequate portion of healthy, clean protein into every meal. Whether you’re Michael Phelps training for hours each day or a young mom chasing after a 2-year-old, your body needs quality protein for muscle growth and maintenance and blood sugar balance. Make it easy by keeping a dozen hard boiled eggs in the fridge for easy grab and go or by baking a whole chicken and keeping it in the fridge for reheating quickly or adding to salads. Look at your plate at each meal and ask yourself, “Where is the protein on this plate?”

  2. StretchingStretching and Foam Rolling– Exercise is hard enough to fit into a day, let alone, fit in time to stretch, right? I know for me that’s always the challenge. Many people tell me they’ve had back pain or knee pain for years that was then completely eliminated by a consistent stretching or foam rolling program. Whether you’re someone who sits all day or an athlete training hours a day, stretching your muscles is an important part of your health regimen. Make it easy on yourself by doing 1 stretch every hour on the hour. I started doing this last year and it has become a game changer for me! Not only do I feel like I don’t have to fit in “one more thing” into my exercise routine, but it helps me to take a bit of a mental break from my work and get the blood flowing again.

  3. Omega3Take a high quality Omega 3 supplement every day– I can almost guarantee that nearly every athlete of the planet right now is taking some form of high quality Omega 3 supplement. I know that may be a bold statement, but I believe it is 100% true. One of the primary reasons they do is so important for them to keep inflammation inside their bodies to a minimum. This concept of inflammation is so critical for everyone; I’ve written about it in great detail here: Are you suffering from chronic inflammation?

  4. Decreasing the level of inflammation in our bodies is critically important. Long term inflammation in the body can contribute to almost every chronic Western disease, including heart disease and cancer.


    How do we get this inflammation in our bodies?


    Some reasons include…

    • – Eating foods high in sugar or caffeine.
    • – Eating processed foods containing unhealthy oils like canola oil.
    • – Suffering from chronic stress.
    • – Exposure to environmental toxins
    • All of us are experiencing some level of inflammation in our bodies at all times, but the goal is to keep it as low as possible with our lifestyle choices.


      Omega 3 CapsuleOne of the best ways to dramatically tame this chronic inflammation inside our bodies is by taking a high quality Omega3 supplement like I mentioned athletes do.

      Notice I made it a point to say “high quality” as now, with the popularization of fish oil over the past several years, there are many low quality, cheap and potentially rancid Omega3 oils out on the market.

      These low quality Omega3 oils show up in your grocery store or local drug store at cheap prices and people are tempted to buy them because they think they are doing themselves some good by saving money. But this ends up causing more harm than good, as these rancid oils end up contributing to the inflammation that you so desperately are trying to decrease.


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