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3 Powerful Foods that Fight Inflammation
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3 Powerful Foods that Fight Inflammation

Last year I hurt my foot.

I wish I had some super cool story like I was hiking the Appalachian trail or rock climbing in the Alps, but what really happened was my favorite song came on the radio, I immediately started to dance, and, BAM, I felt a sharp pain on the bottom of my left foot.

At first I thought, “no biggie”... but after just a few hours I realized I may have done some serious damage.

After a few days of limping, I went to see the doctor.“Isabel, you have a strained tendon in your foot and there’s a lot of inflammation in the area. This will take time to heal.”

Acute and chronic inflammatory conditions include:

  • •Injured joint
  • •Strained muscle
  • •Back pain
  • •Osteoarthritis
  • •Rheumatoid arthritis
  • •Allergies
  • •Inflammatory bowel disease

A wave of disappointment came over me. Ugh. Who wants to deal with a foot injury when you’re a busy working mom with so much to do? Surely not me!

The doctor’s next recommendation was that I immediately begin taking 800 mg of ibuprofen 3 times per day.

“800 milligrams??? 2,400 milligrams a day?! That’s more than I think I’ve ever taken in an entire month.” I promise I didn’t say this out loud, but it was exactly what I was thinking.

As much as I was willing to do whatever I needed to heal my foot, I know that high dosages of ibuprofen come with a long list of side effects:

  • •Upset stomach
  • •Bloating
  • •Constipation
  • •Heartburn
  • •Dizziness

Since I had already experienced these symptoms in the past from just 400 mg of ibuprofen, I knew 6 times the dose would wreak some real havoc on my body.

(Note: If your doctor has made a specific recommendation for you, please follow your doctor’s orders. I am just simply sharing my own experience.)

So I began to think… How else could I tackle this inflammation without having to take so much ibuprofen every day?

I needed to use the 3 most powerful anti-inflammatory nutrients I know of (#3 really being the magic bullet).

3 Powerful foods that fight inflammation:

1. Turmeric:turmeric

Turmeric contains the chemical curcumin, which has been found to greatly reduce inflammation inside the body. More and more doctors are now turning to turmeric as a recommendation for arthritic conditions. According to the Arthritis Foundation, "turmeric/curcumin blocks inflammatory cytokines and enzymes" and has been used to treat arthritis in traditional Chinese and Indian Ayurvedic medicine.

2. Ginger: ginger

In Ginger’s Health Benefits: Fighting Pain, Inflammation, Arthritis, Dr. Leo Galland states,

“Ginger contains dozens of the most potent inflammation fighting substances known, phytonutrients called gingerols. In research done over the past 30 years, science has found support for the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger, according to a review published in the Journal of Medicinal Food. The authors note that one early study compared the medicinal potential of ginger to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID’s).”

By the way, my favorite way to consume turmeric and ginger is the following delicious tea recipe:

Anti-inflammatory lemon ginger turmeric iced (or hot) tea:

Adapted from Audrey at Unconventional Baker

Servings: 3-4


  • • 1½ quart water
  • • ½ lemon, sliced or rough chopped (or more to taste), rind included
  • • 1 Tbsp. ginger root, rough chopped (or more to taste)
  • • Dash of turmeric (the more the better, but remember it does have a strong taste)
  • • Dash of cinnamon
  • • 2 Tbsp. pure maple syrup or raw honey (use stevia to greatly reduce the sugar content)


Fill a 2 quart pot about ¾ full with water. Add in lemon, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, and sweetener and bring to a boil on the stove. Reduce heat and simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool. Strain into a glass jar. Chill overnight in the fridge for an iced tea (or enjoy hot straight away)!

Now, last but certainly not least we get to the final (and most powerful) inflammation-fighter...

3. Omega-3s: fish oil

Omega-3 fatty acids are hands down the best thing for reducing inflammation in your body - they are the magic bullet of anti-inflammatory nutrients. Almost every doctor on the planet is now recommending it to every single one of their patients…for weight loss, heart health, diabetes, and eye health.

On a cellular level, Omega-3 fatty acids inhibit an enzyme that produces prostaglandins, which trigger inflammation. Exactly what you want if you are suffering from any acute pain right now.

I started taking one capsule three times a day of Spring of Life's Omega-3 fish oil supplement to reduce the inflammation causing chronic pain in my foot. I had high hopes knowing that the Spring of Life product line only offers high quality supplements.

Many others are jumping on the anti-inflammatory bandwagon using all-natural solutions. A happy Beyond Diet member used Spring of Life Premium Omega 3 to help relieve the painful inflammation and arthritis in her shoulder. Here's her story:

"I am 52 years old and was recently told by my doctor that the arthritis in my right shoulder was so bad that I'd be looking at a full shoulder replacement within two years. What! I was expecting him to tell me I had an issue with my rotator cuff or something that could be surgically repaired. Never in a million years did I expect to hear him say that! So, I set off looking for a supplement that could help lubricate the joint so I could continue to work out and strengthen my shoulder. About that time, I found the Spring of Life product line. I didn't order the Omega-3 capsules right away but about 4 or 5 months ago, I finally did. I have to tell you they have made a HUGE difference in how my shoulder feels! I take it twice a day with meals and I no longer have problems sleeping on my side. Used to wake up to my entire arm being completely numb from laying on it. Not anymore! It's amazing! My husband has even begun taking it for his bad knees. Wonderful product. I highly recommend!" - Julie P.

So how am I doing?

My foot is almost 100% better. It did take a few weeks, but I was able to skip the ibuprofen and use these 3 natural foods instead.

»Tackle painful inflammation with Spring of Life Premium Omega 3



The Tea sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing!
Me to i’ll try this. I love fresh fish.
Me to i’ll try this. I love fresh fish.
I am allergic to fish so I cannot take an Omega 3 Fish oil pill. Any other suggestions? And if you have one, does it work as well as the fish oil?
Pilar Williams
I am sure going to try this. I have had a kink in my neck for 3 weeks now. My chiropractor has enjoyed my funds but has done nothing to help. I only have omega 3 right now but will find a good tumric later today and add this to my cure. I really hate nsaids because they reap havoc on my stomach and they do not last.
Laurie White
Hello, Thanks for the information regarding the meds as I use NSAID on a regular. Will try the foods. I am following some of the meal plans. My blood sugars with some meals are a little high. Type 2 diabetic. Thanks!