Biotrust Protein Powder

Biotrust Protein Powder

Biotrust has formulated, what I feel, is one of the best protein powders on the market. I can honestly say that Biotrust Protein Powder is the best tasting protein I have ever used. Taste is not the only factor I consider when choosing a protein powder, though. Here are just a few more of the reasons I chose Biotrust Protein Powder:

1. 100% Natural - Biotrust Protein Powder is completely free of any of the artificial additives and toxic ingredients contained in most protein powders.

2. Certified Hormone Free - Biotrust Protein Powder is sourced from grass fed cows that were raised naturally (not many companies can say that about their protein powders).

3. Sweetened with Stevia - This all-natural sweetener is my favorite, hands down. It's extraordinarily sweet, free of calories, and doesn't trigger a rise in blood sugar.

4. Contains ProHydrolase - This digestive enzyme specifically breaks down whey protein in the body, preventing any gas or bloating while simultaneously DOUBLING your body's ability to absorb and make best use of this protein.

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