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Take a “digestion vacation”

Even if you eat the Beyond Diet way, focusing mostly on nutritious, fat-burning foods, chances are pretty good that your digestive system is working hard around the clock to turn all of that delicious food into life-giving fuel. And if you eat the SAD (that’s “Standard American Diet”) way, then your digestive system is working way, way harder. Even a small amount of wheat, soy or sugar can cause inflammation in your intestines that makes your whole system overwork. Foods like red meat, beans and dairy are just naturally difficult to digest, putting extra stress on your digestion. Add to that the undue pressure we put on our bodies by

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Here’s EXACTLY what to cook this week

Getting dinner on the table is sometimes not as easy as I would like it to be. As much as I am super organized and plan my dinner recipes in advance, I have learned that many times something will come up to derail me from getting a home cooked meal on the table. That is why I have learned NOT to depend on the afternoon for my meal prep time. Let me explain… Before I had kids, I would work diligently through the day and try and be complete with my work tasks and meetings by 5:30 pm. I know for some people that may not be possible, but for

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Avocados, onions, and peppermint – what you need to know

Just recently my husband and I went to the Bahamas on vacation (this was our first official vacation since our 5 year old was born!) Like many people on vacation, we splurged on many foods we would NOT typically eat at home…dense, cream filled meals, breaded meats, and, you guessed it, dessert. Towards the end of the week neither one of us was feeling so great so I said to him, “We’re definitely going to increase our cleansing foods when we get home.” But what exactly does that mean? You may have heard me talk in the past about cleansing, but you may have missed the most important part: The

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ONE simple, everyday thing you can do RIGHT NOW to burn fat

Such a simple recommendation, yet so many people have a hard time implementing it. It’s easier than exercising. Easier than cooking healthy meals and definitely easier than most tasks on your daily, overwhelming to-do list. What is this simple, yet highly effective task you can start doing right now to accelerate your fat burning efforts? Drinking more water (yup, take a sip right now). I know, I know. You wanted me to tell you something magical, something more fun, or something that could potentially make groundbreaking news. But the truth is, this simple tip is one of your best strategies for accelerated weight loss. Let’s take a quick look at

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7 days is all you need

Almost every day, my children teach me something valuable. Read below as I share how you can implement the same strategy I used with my son’s morning routine to reach your own weight loss goals. Morning routines can be a challenge for anyone. But recently, my husband and I were really being challenged by our oldest, Christian, who was just being “resistant” to getting dressed and out the door to school on time. Christian would be perfectly happy all morning long, and very much looking forward to going to school, but once we told him it was time to get dressed he would melt down. I didn’t quite understand it

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