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The New Beyond Diet Success Journal

We have listened to your feedback and we are pleased to announce that we have revamped the Beyond Diet Success Journal! The new design makes it even easier for you to track what you eat and helps you to reach your goals even faster.  

Here is a quick guide to help you learn the new changes:   

Daily dashboard: At a glance, quickly see how you are tracking daily goals for proteins, carbs, and fats; see how you felt through the day; view your current weight; and calculate your water intake for the day.

On the dashboard you can see:  

- Weight and measurement check-in: Keep track of all the weight and inches that have come off since you started on Beyond Diet. Click “Check In” in the My Weight box. Update your weight and other body measurements once a week to see your progress.

- Adding water: Click the “Add Water” button. Click on the amount of water you drank, then click “Add To Total.” Click “Save” before exiting the window.

Moving down the page...

Changing the date: There is the calendar where you can easily change the date you are recording your food for. Click on the calendar icon next to the date. Choose the date you would like to enter food for.

Next is where you track the food that you eat throughout the day and track your exercise. Click on the meal to open up the details for the day.

Click on the “Add Food” link to begin to track the food you ate for that meal. This will bring up a pop-up that makes it easy for you to search for foods, add meals from “My Meal,” add food you have eaten recently, plus add recommended foods, food from meal plans, and even food items from recipes. Yahoo!!!!  

Adding food: Let’s go through each tab one at a time... 

Search: Type in the name of the food you'd like to add into the search box. A list of foods in our database that match your search will appear. When you see the food you ate, change the number of servings to reflect what you ate, then click “Add.”

Adding your own food: Don’t see the food you’re looking for? Just click "Add a New Food" at the bottom of the Search tab. Enter the name of the food, the serving size, and the Carb/Fat/Protein counts for each serving. Once you're finished entering that information, click "Add." Not sure how to count what you ate? The second video on this page will explain exactly how to count it.  View it now.

My Meals: Many people eat the same foods every day. Instead of having to enter the same foods that make up your breakfast over and over again, you can save it as a Meal that can be entered much more easily. Click on “Add" to the meal that you want to add to your Success Journal.  

Recent: As you record what you’ve eaten, your Beyond Diet Success Journal remembers what you ate in the “My Recent Foods” list. To add an item from this list, just click the “Add” button for that food.

Recommended: The Recommended Foods list is your Food Choices list. Instead of searching for a food, you can add it right from this list.

Meal Plans: You can add entire days and individual meals from any Beyond Diet Meal Plan directly into your Success Journal. If you are not already looking at the meal/day you want to enter, click “View” next to the desired meal plan from the Meal Plans tab. Once you are looking at the desired meal/day, click the Success Journal icon. You will be prompted with two questions: Which meal would you like to add? What day would you like to add it to? Click “Save” once you have answered both.

Recipes: You have two ways to search for recipes, ones that are your Recipe Box or the entire list of recipes. If you have added recipes to your Recipe Box, you can narrow your search by using the “Search My Recipes” box. If you have not, just search in the “Search Recipes” box. Once you see the recipe you are looking for, click the “Add” button for that recipe.

Recipe section: Another option is to add a recipe to your Success Journal directly from the recipe’s page. When on the recipe page, click “Add to Success Journal.” You will be prompted with two questions: Which meal would you like to add? What day would you like to add it to? Click “Save” once you have answered both. That recipe will then be recorded in your Success Journal.

Now that you have added the food, be sure edit the number of servings that you had during the meal.  

Edit number of servings: To edit a food, locate that item in your Success Journal. Click “Edit” on that food’s line. Make changes to the number of servings you had, then click “Save.”

Setting your mood: It is important to keep track of how you feel throughout the day in order to determine which foods you should be eating, and it’s easy to do with the Beyond Diet Success Journal! Just choose the smiley face that best describes how you feel after eating each meal.

Notes / Accomplishments / Lessons Learned: Keep track of any accomplishments you may have made, whether or not you liked a recipe you tried, how much energy you had throughout the day, etc. This is your place to make any notes that you feel are relevant to your day.

Now that you have got the hang of the new Success Journal, here are some advanced features to help you make entering your food even easier.

Hover over the “Options” button to display some additional functions.

Saving to My Meals: Save foods you eat on a regular basis into “My Meals.” Once you have added all of the food items to your meal, you can save all of the food into a meal that you can name. After putting all the foods in the first time, click “Options” and “Save to My Meals.” Name your meal, and click “Save.” The next time you want to add that meal, just look for it on the My Meals tab!

Copy to Another Day: If you frequently eat the same meal, once the food is entered for one day, you can quickly copy it to another day by clicking on “Copy to Another Day.” Specify which meal and day to add it to, and you are done entering food for that meal.  

Copy to Another Meal: Same feature as Copy to Another Day but just within the same day. Click on “Copy to Another Meal” if you want to copy food items from one meal to another.

Let us know what you think. Hope you like the new changes!