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How Coach Liz Accomplishes More Every Day in 1 Simple Step

Orange Icon  How Coach Liz Accomplishes More Every Day in 1 Simple Step

Orange Icon  How Coach Liz Accomplishes More Every Day in 1 Simple Step

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Since I started working for Beyond Diet 2 years ago, I’ve been using BioTrust products. Their protein powder is delicious (vanilla flavor is my favorite), their Omega 3’s keep me healthy, and their probiotics keep me moving (if you know what I mean).

So when Joel, the co-founder of BioTrust, told me they had a new product coming out, I was excited to be one of the guinea pigs. One of the best things about BioTrust is knowing that the ingredients are BD-approved - of course Isabel puts that part of the product through rigorous inspection – so I’m happy to try their products to make sure they’re safe for our members and readers.

Once I heard what exactly this product was however, I became a little skeptical and you may be too –which is why I want to share my experience.

Introducing Brain Bright!

Brain Bright is a triple-action brain enhancement formula that uses natural ingredients to help you focus and improve your concentration. It also improves short-term memory and supports healthy brain function.

Sounds pretty good right?

Maybe too good to be true?

Well that’s what I thought before I started taking it…

At Beyond Diet, we always test the products that we refer our members and readers to, so when this intriguing new product came out, I leapt at the chance to give-it-a-go.

I work from home so I’m always faced with distractions – whether it’s my dog and cat, or the endless influx of emails that can take me away from writing – I’m sure you encounter the same things at your workplace (well maybe not the animals).

And it’s not just when I’m working that I can get distracted. Sometimes I have so much to do, that it’s hard for me to prioritize my lists (I love making lists). It can become so overwhelming that I don’t know where to start, I can’t figure out what’s most important, and the tasks appear daunting.

Ugh…I’d rather just take a nap!

Instead, I want to be able to give my full attention to one task at a time, and have a clear enough mind that I can prioritize everything on my lists. I mean the best part of a list is crossing things off, right (ahhh the satisfaction)?

So my goal with Brain Bright was to be able to complete tasks, cross them off the list, and accomplish as much as possible in as little time as possible.

Isn’t that what everyone wants? To do more with less time?

Once my Brain Bright arrived I was ready to put it to the test! As the label instructed I took one capsule in the morning before I had eaten anything.

To give you some context of my day, I get up at 6:30 am and start working immediately. So I take my Brain Bright as soon as I get out of bed and have some caffeine-free, Chamomile tea.

I’ve never been a coffee drinker so I’ve always just avoided caffeine – I do have a chai tea latte once a week though. Hey, even BD-Coaches need a cheat treat! But since I know that caffeine is not something I want in my body if I can avoid it, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Brain Bright contains zero caffeine.

A lot of the natural remedies for distraction and memory out there are nothing more than caffeine pills, so this gave Brain Bright a huge advantage in my book. Sure, caffeine may make you feel more focused, but it’s usually just the jolt of the caffeine which you then have to maintain with even more caffeine or you’ll crash. It can become a very dangerous and addicting cycle.

I felt the effects of Brain Bright almost immediately! Within 30 minutes of taking the capsule…

    • I snap out of my morning fog quickly

    • I am motivated to take on my tasks

    • I can see each task individually and devote my attention to it

    • I move quickly through tasks with the extra focus

    • My eyesight is clearer making the computer screen look crisper

Typically it takes me up to 2 hours to get fully up to speed, and I know for others, it might take a couple of cups of coffee or a workout to feel ready to take on the day, but with Brain Bright, I was ready to go almost immediately.

The concentration I was able to devote to each task, while moving quicker than I have in the past is the best part about this supplement. I look forward to the satisfaction of crossing things off my list and my motivation to get that done is at an all-time high.

I was really blown away with the instant impact, but I was worried what would happen at the end of the day, or the dreaded late afternoon time when most people grab more coffee and battle sugar-cravings.

Was I going to crash and feel miserable? Was I going to be plagued with fatigue and unable to accomplish anything?

I’m happy to report that I never had a late afternoon slump and my focus sustained throughout the day. There’s no “coming down” from a jolt of energy, no loss of energy, focus, or concentration. I am easily able to get through an entire day without a sugar-craving or caffeine-fill.

You can take an additional Brain Bright capsule later in the day, but I never felt like I needed it. I usually work until 6 pm (with some breaks throughout the day), and just 1 capsule was enough for me.

I could talk to you about the high grade Ginkgo biloba extract used, or the highly concentrated Rhodiola rosea that work together as the active ingredients, but BioTrust has covered that in their research and testing, which you can see HERE >>.

The purpose of me writing you today is just to let you know how fantastic I think the product is. If you’re feeling…

    • Foggy

    • Distracted

    • Reliant on caffeine or sugar

    • Forgetful

    • Have trouble recalling things

Then I highly recommend that you try this supplement to make your day-to-day life easier. It really is amazing what you can accomplish when you’re at the top of your mental game, and Brain Bright is a safe, effective, and natural way to accomplish more in less time.

See if Brain Bright is right for you >>