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What You Need to Know about BellyTrim XP

Orange Icon  What You Need to Know about BellyTrim XP

Orange Icon  What You Need to Know about BellyTrim XP

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There are several approaches to weight loss. Here at Beyond Diet, we always stick to a natural form of clean eating, where your food choices are free of processed ingredients and chemicals. That is truly the best way to get your body to the very thing we all want...burn off that unwanted fat!

I will always stress that it all starts with food and the food choices you make each day, but there are many places where many of us will need some things to supplement those food choices. That's where in comes, you guessed it, supplements.

I have a few favorite supplements that I take daily because I believe they are truly critical to health and weight loss. The top 4 are (and yes, I really do take them every day) Daily Energy, OmegaKrill 5X, Pro-X10, and AbsorbMax.

I have written countless newsletters about each of these, but in a nutshell:

  • Daily Energy is my nutritional insurance and covers all of my vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants in one dose. I find it to be much more effective than any multivitamin.
  • OmegaKrill 5X ensures I am getting in enough omega-3s daily, especially on the days when I am not able to eat salmon, walnuts, or organic eggs.
  • Pro-X10 keeps my digestion and my intestines loaded with good bacteria, maintaining my bowel health.
  • AbsorbMax ensures I am properly absorbing all of the food I eat each day so my body can use it properly.

Now, that may seem like a lot to you, but for me these supplements have become a simple part of my healthy daily plan.

Enter BellyTrim XP.

BioTrust's new product BellyTrimXP contains two wonderful ingredients that I have researched heavily...CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) and pomegranate seed oil.

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a potent fatty acid that has been found to accelerate metabolism in the body, regulate hormones important to the fat loss process, and even reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Pomegranate seed oil, now being called a "wonder fat," has been shown through research to reduce the conversion of fatty acids in the blood stream to the storage form of body fat by up to 40%. So 40% more fat burned can be used as energy, instead of that same fat being stored as body fat around your waistline.

Pomegranate seed oil has also been shown to have profound health benefits, lowering triglyceride levels, improving HDL cholesterol, and significantly decreasing inflammation. Even more, the antioxidant benefits of pomegranate seed oil have been shown to be similar to that of green tea, providing even more health punch to complement its fat burning properties.

How do you get these 2 fats from your foods?

People need MORE healthy fats in their diets. This has been proven now countless times to be one of the best ways to lose unwanted fat off the body, especially belly fat.

As a matter of fact, healthy high-fat foods are one of the best way to burn fat and regulate important hormones in your body that will support fat loss.

Some of the best "fatty foods" that can accelerate weight loss are...

And to add to that list, the 2 best foods and ways to get the wonderful fatty acid CLA in your body is through grass-fed meat and organic, raw dairy.

The natural diet for cattle is grass, and when left to feed on grass-only diets, levels of CLA are 3-5 times more than those fed grain-based diets. So if you're going to eat beef, please be sure it is grass-fed.

Another great way to get CLA in your diet is via pomegranate oil. Unfortunately, obtaining pomegranate oil (and the many benefits that come along with it) is really not that simple. It would require eating pounds and pounds of pomegranates in order to receive the same fat burning and antioxidant properties.

Who is a great candidate for BellyTrim XP?

Well, let me tell you who does NOT need to take BellyTrim XP... ME. With all the benefits listed above, how could I not take it? Well, the honest truth is my daily diet is near perfect. No, I'm not bragging here, but I am a nutritionist, and I do love clean food, and my house is equipped with some of the best of the best food available on the planet. "Healthy eating" is truly my middle name, so my eating plan is already jam-packed with some of the highest quality meat and antioxidant sources available.

I also do not have very much belly fat at all. Is that because I exercise hours per day? Nope. I actually don't exercise very much at all (probably 45 minutes total for the entire week). I honestly believe the secret to my extremely toned mid-section is my clean food choices.

Now, who should be taking BellyTrim XP?

Well, I will be handing a bottle to my sister because she does fit the following criteria:

  • Doesn't always eat clean and is not always able to get grass-fed meat
  • Carries almost all of her excess fat around her midsection
  • Does not include enough antioxidant rich foods in her diet (yes, yes, I have discussed this with her, and she is improving daily)
  • Needs more healthy fats included in her daily meal plan

I am not suggesting to her that she use BellyTrim XP without continuing to improve on the points I have made above (and she is making small changes at a steps!), but a supplement like BellyTrim XP can greatly benefit her in the process.

Should YOU be taking BellyTrim XP?

Before you answer the following questions, I want to STRESS to you how important it is to apply and follow the foundational principles of Beyond Diet into your life. There is really no supplement on the planet that can replace the wonders of clean, natural eating. So first and foremost, make following the Beyond Diet meal plans your highest priority (and yes, baby steps are OK!).

  • Do you eat grass-fed beef at least 2 days per week? If the answer is NO, you may need BellyTrim XP.
  • Do you eat a variety of antioxidant rich foods daily? If there answer is NO, you may need BellyTrim XP.
  • Are you having a hard time burning fat off your belly and midsection, even with clean, healthy eating? If the answer is YES, you may need BellyTrim XP.
  • Are you eating a healthy fat source at every meal? If the answer is NO, you may need BellyTrim XP.

I will let you take your answers from above and determine whether BellyTrim XP is a good choice for you. One thing I can assure you is that the quality of this product is outstanding. The creators and owners of BioTrust have ensured that only the highest quality ingredients have been used, and I feel 100% confident that it is the best CLA and pomegranate oil product available, and I feel good handing it over to my sister.