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Better Blood Sugar Control... Through Science!

Orange Icon  Better Blood Sugar Control... Through Science!

Orange Icon  Better Blood Sugar Control... Through Science!

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One of my biggest passions in the area of nutrition is blood sugar and insulin regulation. After years of my own studying, trying to figure out how to best help my diabetic mother gain control over her out-of-control blood sugar numbers and her weight, I discovered that the best way to control diabetes was also one of the best ways to lose fat easily and permanently.

This was such a breakthrough for me as I was battling an extra 30 pounds of stubborn fat on my own body at the time, and was desperate to figure out how to get rid of it.

Every nutrition program I have developed including the main Beyond Diet program, Beyond Diet Total Slim Down, and Beyond Blood Sugar is based on the theory that keeping your blood sugar stable throughout the day will control excess insulin release and that will result in fat loss. Not only will you see the pounds drop, but you’ll also feel more energetic, feel satisfied after every meal, and see cravings magically disappear.

My 1st line of attack for losing weight and controlling blood sugar is choosing the right food, in the right ratios and portions. My 2nd line of attack is using healthy, all-natural supplements that may assist someone who is having trouble controlling their blood sugar with food alone.

One of the best and only supplements that I recommend in the area of blood sugar control is Biotrust’s IC-5.

IC-5 was specifically formulated to help people keep their blood sugar in balance. The best part is that it only contains all natural ingredients to accomplish this.

Before I tell you all the powerful ingredients in IC-5, I want to share with you a personal email I received from my colleague and friend Mike Geary (he wrote this email to a few of our close friends):

Hey guys, check out this blood sugar experiment that I ran...

I just started my own little experiment where I want to test all sorts of different nutrients on different days for their blood sugar controlling properties against the EXACT same type and quantity of carbs first thing in the morning. I get baseline fasting blood sugar levels each morning too in order make sure starting point is the same each morning.

Also, my "meal" that I'm testing is 27 grams of carbs from oatmeal + 13 grams of carbs from org maple syrup, for a total amount of 40 grams of reasonably fast-acting carbs. I also add 7 grams of coconut fat to this too, because in the real world, I'd never eat a meal (especially not oatmeal) without added fat, so I wanted this to represent a real world setting instead of just pure carbs.

I chose coconut fat because I thought it would have the least chance of controlling blood sugar on its own since something like olive oil has a fairly high polyphenol content, which in itself might have blood sugar controlling properties, and nuts or seeds also have extra fiber, protein, and fats (as well as their own antioxidants) that I didn't want interfering with the blood sugar responses either.

I tested with a 40 gram carb meal on its own on day 1 to get baseline blood sugar response.

I also found some literature that made me conclude that 45 min after the carb based meal might be about the best approximation of the blood sugar "spike.” A very large meal might not spike for almost 2 hours after the meal, but this is about 250 calories overall, so the spike is going to be a shorter time frame. I confirmed this on day 1 as you'll see below that my glucose returned almost to fasting levels after 90 min, but seemed to be at a peak level at about 45 min.

So far, I've tested the control meal on day1 (with no added nutrient at all) and on day 2, I tested IC5. Check out the results!


fasting blood sugar: 83
then ate the oatmeal, maple syrup, coconut fat 250 calorie meal. No added nutrient on this day.

blood sugar 45 min after meal: 112
blood sugar 90 min after meal: 87 (almost back to baseline)


fasting blood sugar: 83
then ate the oatmeal, maple syrup, coconut fat 250 cal meal. Added 3 caps of IC5 immediately before meal.

blood sugar 45 min after meal: 84

(I even double checked this reading a 2nd time to make sure it was accurate, as I was shocked that my blood sugar hadn't really gone up at all like the first day)

The results showed that IC5 had a STRONG blood sugar controlling effect compared to eating the oatmeal without IC5 on the previous day.

Very interesting, huh!

I plan on running a similar experiment on my sister when she arrives in South Carolina this week. My sister has always struggled with her weight and most recently seems to have a hard time regulating her blood sugar numbers with just the right foods. She’s the perfect candidate for me to see just how powerful the ingredients in IC-5 are when combined with an all-natural and balanced way of eating. Check them out for yourself:

1. Cinnamomum Cassia (not just any ‘ol cinnamon sold in most supermarkets) is a potent extract harvested from Indonesian cinnamon bark that has been shown to effectively assist in keeping blood sugar regulated after a carbohydrate-rich meal, while increasing your body’s ability to process the carbohydrates you eat by up to 10-fold! That can make an incredible difference in those people who suffer from a blood sugar high and equal insulin rush after eating meals that may be higher in carbohydrates.

2. Berberine, has been used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine by healers in India. Berberine works slightly differently, by improving the signaling between insulin and its associated receptors (making your body use insulin more effectively) while increasing the amount of glucose used by your muscles instead of storing it as fat.

3. Pterocarpus Marsupium, is another all-natural herbal remedy used by Ayurvedic physicians in India. In fact, Pterocarpus Marsupium is so effective that it was shown in a recent Indian Journal of Medical Research study to reduce blood sugar levels 2 hours after a meal by a whopping 21%.

4. 4-hydroxyisoleucine (also known as 4HI) is a natural phytochemical, extracted from the Fenugreek herb harvested in the remote regions of Eastern India, and has been scientifically shown to increase glycogen storage while decreasing fat storage. Or, in more simple terms, helps to move blood sugar into your muscles for use as energy, rather than that same sugar ending up attached to your belly or other places your body tends to store unwanted fat.

5. R-ALA. Alpha Lipoic Acid is made up of two isomers, S-ALA and R-ALA, of which the R isomer has been shown to be significantly more effective and bioavailable. For example, in a German, double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted by the renowned Dr. Stephan Jacob and published in the journal Biofactors, R-ALA was clinically shown to increase insulin sensitivity by an impressive 25% in just 4 weeks.

Based on the incredible research done on the ingredients contained in IC-5 and the extensive research and testing done on the product as a whole, I give IC-5 two big thumbs up.

The greatest results will be seen by those people who currently have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, pre-diabetes or insulin resistance. (It is not recommended that you stop any of your prescribed medications. Please discuss this with your doctor.) It can also greatly benefit anyone who has a long history of Type 2 Diabetes in their family.

So if you have serious blood sugar concerns and aren’t seeing big results just by making better food choices, then IC-5 could be just the thing that finally makes a big difference.

>> Get better blood sugar control with IC-5