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What does Isabel think about Leptiburn?

Orange Icon  What does Isabel think about Leptiburn?

Orange Icon  What does Isabel think about Leptiburn?

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Many of you have asked this question inside the Beyond Diet community and today I want to give you the facts and my thoughts on the supplement Leptiburn.

First, you may have noticed that this product has been on the market for over a year by a company I hold in very high regard, Biotrust, but I have not made any mention about Leptiburn until now.

Here's why...

I am always committed to thoroughly researching, testing, and researching some more, every single product I include in my newsletters and on our website. I have taken the past year to do a thorough investigation on Leptiburn, its ingredients and the role our hormone leptin plays in weight loss.

The short answer to the question above is this...

Leptiburn can be a phenomenal help to those people who are struggling to lose weight, even while following a healthy eating plan.

Notice I said, "even while following a healthy eating plan." Leptiburn is not a magic weight loss pill, nor will it produce results if you are not following a healthy eating plan as suggested in Beyond Diet. It is to be used in conjunction with your Beyond Diet meal plans, NOT in replacement of.

How exactly does Leptiburn work?

To understand how Leptiburn can be dramatically helpful in your weight loss efforts, we must first understand how the hormone leptin works inside our bodies.

Leptin is a hormone that is produced by our fat cells. Its primary job is to tell the brain when the body has too much fat stored or not enough fat stored. When there is too much fat present in the body, Leptin tells the brain, "Hey it's time to burn some of this off."

Dr. Ron Rosedale, M.D. (author of The Rosedale Diet) explains...

"If a person is getting too fat, the extra fat produces more leptin which is supposed to tell the brain that there is too much fat stored, more should not be stored, and the excess should be burned.

Signals are therefore sent to an area of the brain in the hypothalamus to stop being hungry, to stop eating, to stop storing fat and to start burning some extra fat off."

Sounds like a perfect way to regulate fat inside the body right?

Here is the potential problem in those that are overweight...

Many people have become leptin resistant so that their brain no longer "hears" the messages being sent by leptin. This is very similar to how people become insulin resistant. Too much insulin and leptin being produced and released inside the body causes the body's cells to no longer be able to use it.

It's very similar to walking into a smelly room. Initially the smell is very obvious, but after just being in the room for a short time, you become "immune" to the smell and it is less strong.

Similarly if your brain hears constant messages from an overload of leptin all day long, it gets to a point where it no longer hears it.

Dr. Joseph Mercola explains...

"Simply put, here's how you become leptin resistant:

  • You eat a diet which includes too many sugars and grains (grains turn to sugar once you consume them)
  • The sugar metabolizes to (turns into) fat and is stored in your fat cells
  • This activity in turn causes a surge in leptin
  • Your body becomes resistant to leptin just as it can become insulin-resistant
When you're leptin-resistant, your body no longer hears its own signals to stop eating, burn fat, or pass up sugary foods.

The result? You stay hungry, you crave sweets, and your body stores ever more fat."

So how exactly can the supplement Leptiburn help those who are leptin resistant?

The primary, all natural ingredients in Leptiburn are specifically designed to increase your body's ability to use Leptin in the brain, increasing your body's ability to "hear" this extremely important hormone.

Biotrust has provided some very thorough research on all of the ingredients on their site and I have looked into each one individually to ensure they are all safe and natural.

Should you be taking Leptiburn for fat loss?

First, remember, that you do not "need" anything besides wholesome clean foods to rid your body of excess fat and achieve great levels of health. Supplements are a great way to enhance your body's ability to burn fat, but not a replacement for a healthy eating and exercise protocol.

Leptiburn is exactly that...a supplement that can greatly assist your body in the fat loss process COMBINED with the eating plans outlined in Beyond Diet.

If you are someone who...

  • is following a healthy eating plan but still not losing weight
  • has a history of yo yo dieting
  • has a history of obesity (been overweight for several years)
  • is always hungry no matter what you eat

Leptiburn may be a great choice and a great help for you to reach your fat loss goals.