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New Year, New You: Lose Weight NOW with BD Edge

No matter where you are starting today, you can create the body of your dreams

Get ready for fat loss you never thought possible. Meet BD Edge! I've created my easiest-to-follow program with ready-to-go tools. No thinking, stressing, or planning. Just weight loss that's fast, safe, and fun. Let's go!

Hi, it's me Isabel. And I'm here for one reason: To help you look and feel phenomenal.

Maybe you are like most people and have trouble sticking to your healthy eating around the holidays. Maybe some weight has crept on over the years. Maybe your clothes feel a little tight or you don't like what you see in the mirror. Instead of agonizing over why or how it happened, let's do something about it!

Today is the day to restart your healthy lifestyle.

I know the best to do that is to kick-start your metabolism and take pounds off quickly, so you can get back to a place you can feel good about. I know you want fast results, but I don't want you caving in to pressure to try gimmicky "quick fixes" that make outrageous claims.

A much more effective approach is to have an exact plan laid out that you can follow step-by-step. And I have just the thing. In fact...

I've done all the research and planning for you!

I have created a complete program specifically for people just like you who are ready to start seeing incredible changes in their body right NOW. This program is a serious plan of attack to get you back on track for some major fat loss. It spells out everything you need to do, down to the last detail. I call it BD Edge.

BD Edge lays out every detail of what to do each day to kick-start your metabolism and start burning fat right away. This extremely effective 21-day program gives you everything you need to quickly start seeing results. BD Edge is designed so you can jump right in and start losing weight now. I've made it so simple that you don't need to think, you just need to follow the program step-by-step. You can start shedding stubborn pounds and feeling better right now!

Get geared up to lose weight fast. Here's what you get:


BD Edge Manual

The heart of the BD Edge program, this brief manual outlines everything you need to do clearly and succinctly.

Goal-Setting Audio Files

I've created these recordings to keep you motivated. Just like a personal session with me, only can listen any time you want!

BD Edge Meal Plans

3 full weeks of meal plans with recipes created with the optimal balance of protein, carbs, and good fats to burn fat. Plus: 1 bonus week!

BD Edge Exercise Program

See results fast, stay motivated, and feel great with fun, varied workouts — developed exclusively for this program.

Weekly Calendar

This easy-to-use tool lays out the exact steps you'll be taking every day — what to eat and which workout to do.

Weekly Shopping List

All the ingredients you need for the program's fat-burning recipes, ready to print or view online when you head to the store.

I already know how incredibly successful you will be on this program...I also realize what it would take to get a personal nutritionist, a trainer, and a life coach to put together exactly what you are about to get with BD Edge. But I always want you to get a ton more value than you'll ever need to spend. That's why the price of the Beyond Diet Edge Program — a $465 value — is available to you for a one time, low price of $47. That's right! Not 21 days, but 28 days of my most powerful tools to help you burn fat fast, all for $47.

  —  $47

You've really got nothing to lose — it's backed by my no-risk guarantee!

100% Money Back Guarantee (60 Days): Your satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us. If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your results, contact us anytime within the first 60 days and get a full refund


I'm so confident that BD Edge will change your life, I'm giving you a full extra week of meal plans to ensure you'll love how you look and feel! That's right: 28 days of customized meal plans, recipes, exercises, helpful tips, and motivating advice.

Do you want to feel the same way about yourself a month from now? Then let's get started! It's time to get back to the you that you loved! Join the passionate, committed community at BD Edge today!


Everything you need to take the guesswork out of fat loss – from an intuitive online food journal to a meal-by-meal calendar to meal plans you'll love – this is your toolkit for transformation!

Determine Your Metabolism Type

BD Edge Program Guide

Just click the week you're in, and every step of your weight-shedding plan displays instantly. You'll be guided every moment through the process by our precision program.

Food Choices

Weekly Calendar

This easy-to-use tool lays out the exact steps you'll be taking every day during the program — what to eat and which workout to do. It's organized by the week so you can quickly get an overview of your plan for the next 7 days.

Calorie Calculator

Weekly Shopping Guide

All the ingredient you need for the program's fat-burning recipes are listed and ready to print or view online when you head to the store. This easy to read, printable shopping list makes it easy to get and stay organized.

Success Journal

Success Journal

This effortless food diary lets you track precisely what you've eaten at each meal, how much water you're drinking, and how your body's feeling. Click and enter – so simple!