Beyond Diet FAQ

What is Beyond Diet and what does it include?

Beyond Diet helps readers lose weight and prevent disease through a number of important topics, including:
  • How to lose weight without having to count calories
  • The top “health food” that actually makes you gain weight
  • How to determine your metabolism and what foods are better for your type
  • A lot of information you need to know about fat
  • The truth about dairy products and their nutritional value
  • Is organic food really worth the increase in price?
In addition to the Beyond Diet manual, you will receive these guides to help make the transition and maintenance to your new eating plan much easier:
  • A comprehensive shopping list of Beyond Diet foods
  • Detailed meal plans designed for your metabolism
  • Many, many easy and delicious recipes for Beyond Diet approved meals
  • Serving sizes for foods calculated for you
Beyond Diet includes everything you could possibly need to get started (and maintain) a healthy eating plan designed for weight loss and improved health.

Is there a Hard Copy of the program available?

In addition to the program, the digital takeaways and the unlimited community access that is included as part of your initial order, a hard copy version will be made available for purchase in the members area. You must be a customer of the digital program before purchasing the hard copy.

The program itself has been integrated into the community site as well. This has enabled us to create an enhanced experience which includes videos that give you insights from Isabel’s own kitchen, comical illustrations, helpful charts and online tools that do calculations for you based on your specific input.

Digital takeaways are PDF files that are available for immediate download after your purchase. You will receive download instructions for the program digital takeaways, as well as the bonus reports. You will be able to download them and print them within minutes of ordering.

Having immediate access to this information is a major benefit of digital distribution. If you want to start your new nutrition program within the next hour, you can do so simply by ordering the program and viewing all the information online. Hard copies usually take between 7-10 days to be delivered in the USA, slightly longer abroad.

What types of food can I expect to be eating while following Beyond Diet?

All of the foods recommended on Beyond Diet are wholesome and natural. You can expect to be eating organic fruits and vegetables, raw nuts, organic eggs, wild fish, natural meats and poultry, natural grains and oils, and a number of other nutritious foods.

How much weight can I lose with Beyond Diet?

Following the nutritional principles found in Beyond Diet may help you achieve your ideal weight, and you may begin seeing results quickly! The exact weight you can lose depends on various parameters therefore this is something that can't be predicted precisely.

Why does this program work (where so many other programs have failed)?

Every principle presented in Beyond Diet is backed by numerous studies and real world results. These principles have been proven to be the most effective way to lose weight and prevent disease and negative health conditions (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc.).

Isabel uses each and every one of the principles presented in Beyond Diet in her own life – and she has had great success in her quest for a healthy lifestyle. In addition, a great number of Isabel’s friends and family, clients, seminar attendees, and fellow health professionals have also followed the principles introduced and explained in Beyond Diet and had success in their own quests for healthy lives and weight loss.

How does Beyond Diet compare to other popular weight loss programs (named individually)?

The Atkins Diet requires that followers severely limit all carbohydrates, even fruits and vegetables. Beyond Diet also believes eating an excessive amount of carbohydrates is often the cause of weight gain and health problems, but it does not restrict the consumption of healthy fruits and vegetables and certain grains; Beyond Diet believes that individuals can decrease their weight and increase their health while still consuming these specific carbohydrates.

The Zone
The Zone Diet tells its followers to eat more fruits and vegetables, and less grains, breads and pasta; eat small portions of low-fat protein at every meal/snack; eat smaller meals more frequently; and drink eight glasses of water every day. While Beyond Diet agrees with almost all of these principles – however, some people actually feel better when they eat higher fat proteins (as opposed to the low-fat proteins recommended by the Zone). In addition, Beyond Diet does not recommend the many Zone products that contain soy protein and corn syrup.

South Beach
The South Beach Diet recommends having healthy protein sources at every meal and greatly limiting the number of complex carbohydrates consumed. Beyond Diet does the same, highlighting the importance of protein and the difference between healthy and unhealthy carbs. Beyond Diet differs from the South Beach Diet in that it does not endorse the use of artificial sweeteners, and it does not recommend the many South Beach products that contain soy, corn syrup and palm kernel oil.

The Rice Diet Solution
The Rice Diet Solution teaches its readers to follow a very low-calorie, low-sodium, low-fat, low-sugar, low-protein, high-complex carbohydrate, whole-foods diet. Beyond Diet completely disagrees with this quick, extreme approach to weight loss, believe instead that a lifestyle plan can more realistically be maintained for the long haul. In addition, Beyond Diet disagrees with the notion of a low-fat and low-sodium diet, because certain fats and the right kind of salt are necessary for a healthy eating plan.

Kathy Freston Detox
Kathy Freston’s Quantum Wellness is a completely Vegan approach to weight loss; this means doing away with all animal foods (meats, poultry, eggs, fish). This plan gained popularity when Oprah followed Freston’s 21-day detox plan – Beyond Diet agrees that a detox period can be beneficial to any person, but it is not a realistic approach to a healthy lifestyle. Instead, Beyond Diet teaches people how to eat healthy (and therefore achieve and maintain a healthy weight) for the long haul. As with the Zone and South Beach Diets, Beyond Diet does not agree with Freston’s promotion of soy and soy products.

Do I have to exercise for this program to work?

Isabel provides recommendations for exercise programs based on her own personal experience – these can be found in the Shopping section.

Is this program an extreme diet?

No! Beyond Diet is a realistic approach to healthy eating that will help you lose weight and can easily be maintained for the rest of your life.

Do I have to buy any supplements, pills, or bars and shakes for this program?

Absolutely not! In fact, Beyond Diet strongly recommends staying away from most supplements, pills, bars and shakes. The principles taught in Beyond Diet are essential to follow before any supplement should be introduced into your healthy eating plan. Even then, only certain supplements are approved.

I am a vegetarian; will this program work for me?

Vegetarians can be just as successful on Beyond Diet as non-vegetarians. Beyond Diet teaches the importance of including a healthy protein source with each and every meal, but there are ways to get protein that are not from animals (eggs and raw nuts, for example). In addition, Beyond Diet sets the record straight about sugar and sugar substitutes, grains, dairy, and soy and soy products.

I am currently going through menopause. Will this program still work for me?

It’s true that menopause may make losing weight a little more difficult. However, your menopause will be much easier to deal with if you are eating the right foods. The meal plans that cut out all grains are a great place for women going through menopause to start – you should start feeling better quickly!

I am pregnant, trying to get pregnant or nursing. Can I still follow this program?

Of course! Actually, it is even more important to eat healthy during your pregnancy and while nursing – for the sake of your child. Because Beyond Diet has you eating healthy food all the time, your child will be getting all of the nutrition too!

I have a physical ailment, such as fibromyalgia. Can I still follow this program?

Following Beyond Diet can actually be the best thing for physical ailments. Your aches and pains may actually diminish as your body benefits from the healthy, all natural foods.

How will Beyond Diet affect my Diabetes?

You should talk to your doctor before making any changes in your diet, especially if you are taking prescription medicine for Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes. Beyond Diet recommends reducing many grains, which may result in a natural reduction in blood sugar and may have a positive effects on your blood sugar regulation. As a result, you may find it necessary to check your blood sugar more often at the beginning of your transition to Beyond Diet – it might even be a good idea to have your doctor keep an eye on you to determine if any changes need to be made to your current medications.

I am allergic to certain foods, can I still follow Beyond Diet?

Food allergies should not have much of an impact on your success with Beyond Diet. People who are allergic to eggs and/or dairy can obtain protein from other foods; people with nut allergies can leave those foods out of their meal plans and still see positive results; people who are allergic to any particular fruits/vegetables can avoid those particular foods and simply choose from the rest of the list of fruits and vegetables.

Do I need to follow Beyond Diet to the letter for it to work?

Beyond Diet can be incorporated into your daily life with just one change at a time – and you will most likely still see and feel radical results after making only one change. I do, however, encourage you to challenge yourself and take yourself beyond your comfort zone in an effort to achieve a weight and a level of health you may not have thought was possible in the past.

Can Beyond Diet be applied to my entire family (including my really young children)?

Absolutely! Everything I teach in Beyond Diet can be applied to the diets of people of any age, young and old. Only wholesome, natural foods are recommended – those foods are exactly what growing children need, and they are great for adults, too!

Are there any risks or dangers associated with following Beyond Diet?

Because Beyond Diet recommends eating only foods that are found in nature, there are very few risks associated with following the Beyond Diet meal plans. There are a small percentage of people who do experience one or more of the following reactions though:

You may experience some detox symptoms (headaches, dizziness, difficulty with digestion, gastrointestinal distress, and/or trouble sleeping) when you begin your diet if you have been consuming processed foods, large amounts of sugar and/or caffeine, or have not been eating enough fruits and vegetables. These symptoms should only last for a maximum of a few days.

We highly recommend talking to your doctor before making any changes to your dietary habits. It is absolutely imperative that you talk to your doctor if you are taking prescription medicines under a doctor’s care. When you start following Beyond Diet, your medications may need to be changed (this is especially true for diabetics) – that is a decision that must be made by your doctor, though.

There are no known long term risks associated with eating and maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle.